Kirby Morgan Diving Helmets

SMP Ltd are UK based distributors of Kirby Morgan® bandmasks, helmets, masks, spares and associated equipment.

Kirby Morgan Dive Systems, Inc., based in Santa Maria, California, continues to provide the commercial diving industry with outstanding products, quality parts and service.

Kirby Morgan Commercial Diving Helmets

We stock all Kirby Morgan® Commercial Diving Helmet models including the popular Kirby Morgan 37, the Kirby Morgan 77, the Kirby Morgan Superlite 27 and the Kirby Morgan Superlite 17b. As an approved training facility, we also offer Training Courses for divers on helmet use, repairs and maintenance.

Known worldwide for their reliability and build quality, Kirby Morgan® commercial diving helmets and masks are designed to provide exactly what commercial divers require: reliable and practicable protection when it’s needed most.


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Featured Product: The New Kirby Morgan Diamond™

The Kirby Morgan® Diamond is the next modular variation to the KMDSI Stainless Steel Helmet.

When the KM Diamond is attached to our Stainless Steel Helmet shell the diver can operate in either a surface exhaust or ambient water exhaust diving mode.

Before the diver enters the water, with a simple two-step process, they have the opportunity to switch the helmet into surface vent mode where their exhaled gas is sent to the surface and not into the surrounding water where they are working.

On the surface the exhaled gas can be sent to a reclaim system or simply secured on an open deck to vent into the atmosphere. The KM Diamond can be also operated in the open circuit mode for the entire dive.

The advantages of this stainless steel helmet include the following:
– Rugged helmet shell and other components
– No refinishing required if the surface is scratched or gouged
– Elimination of threaded inserts for securing port retainer to helmet shell

Kirby Morgan Diamond – Enquire Now

Specialist Design Features

All Kirby Morgan® models feature a number of lightweight, professional-quality features designed to make life easier for the diver. From first-rate components to the choice of build materials, these helmets are built to last and will provide years of service with the correct maintenance.


Kirby Morgan Spares and Accessories

SMP offers a wide variety of Kirby Morgan Accessories, spare parts kits, rebuild and upgrade kits, from the most basic O-ring kits and soft goods kits, all the way up to the largest “Overseas” Spares Kits which contain numerous spare parts and also include many of the smaller kits.

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Our Clients & Markets

SMP’s diving helmet customers include those in the subsea and commercial diving industries. We are experienced in delivering workable solutions to our clients all around the world. Our markets pages have more details about the benefits we offer to each client sector.


Help from the Experts

If you would like additional information or to discuss your needs with SMP, please contact our team today. We are happy to give no-obligation quotes ahead of any work, helping you to budget for your engineering project more effectively.


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Why Choose SMP?

SMP has provided expert services to clients worldwide for over 35 years. We are fully accredited, and our team has also gained numerous awards in the manufacture and export of specialist goods. We work hard to listen to our clients’ requirements, devising an appropriate solution before delivering the finished article on time and within agreed budgetary guidelines.

Our expert engineers are experienced in all aspects of gas compression and distribution. For more information or to discuss your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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