Submarine Rescue Systems

SMP’s innovative submarine rescue systems represent the pinnacle of subsea engineering, providing a lifeline to submariners in emergencies. From emergency ventilation and decompression equipment to submersibles and free swimming rescue vehicles, our specialist equipment represents a critical aspect of operational submarine safety.

Our complete solutions incorporate ventilation systems and decompression chamber arrays with submarine rescue vehicles and supporting equipment.

Submarine Rescue Systems

We offer bespoke Submarine Rescue Systems designed specifically for the provision of physical personnel transfer. SMP’s industry-leading rescue systems will collect crew members from the distressed submarine in question, especially if the vessel is disabled and trapped on the seabed. With integrated quick deployment capabilities, our submarine rescue equipment is perfect for use in the event of an emergency. Our systems are built in a containerised configuration, providing additional protection from inclement weather and otherwise challenging environments.

We also offer an array of related equipment designed to protect human life. From physical transfer rigs to decompression chamber arrays, rescue vehicles and support equipment, we offer everything you need to develop a comprehensive submarine rescue contingency plan. With the additional option of automatic control systems, SMP can provide the perfect Submarine Rescue System to protect personnel on board vessels working at sea.

Far Eastern Navy Case Study

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How do Submarine Rescue Systems work?

If a disastrous event happened today the process of recovery would be go like this:

Stage One: Send down a reconnaissance ROV to locate the DISSUB and record all visual data to evaluate the manned mission requirements.

Stage Two: Crew decompression upon recovery. Transfer under pressure (TUP) of the rescuees from the stricken submarine to the DSRV and lock on to the TUP System.

Transfer under pressure (TUP) capability is a modern requirement of Submarine Rescue Systems, since it has been established that in most cases the survivors will most likely be exposed to higher than normal atmospheric pressure similar to that of divers during diving operations, this will also be over an extended period due to the length of the rescue operations which creates an even greater decompression period.  This will lead to a longer period of decompression than normal.

Therefore the requirements for large multi-place surface decompression chambers to be on site with a TUP facility.  These multi-compartment decompression chambers will be used for accelerated air and nitrox decompression, decontamination and medical treatment as required.

As part of the submarine rescue project that was undertaken with the Far Eastern Navy, a 66-man decompression chamber was built onto one of the dedicated rescue vessels. This allowed for personnel to be transferred under pressure and decompressed safely.

Partner of Choice

We have previously designed a large number of submarine rescue systems for our both military and civilian clients. From the physical extraction of crew to the emergency deployment of decompression technology, our experienced engineers have a thorough grounding in the significant factors affecting submarine rescue operations.

Our unrivalled position within the SRS industry is backed up by our full submarine rescue system setups, TUP chambers and advanced control system technology.

No matter how difficult the challenge or how long the process, we work very closely wit the client to enable them to achieve their goals.

SMP offer customers a quality service and products. For this we are indebted to the skills and dedication of our workforce. Without them we would not be in the position we are today.

We deliver our results through continued innovation and communication.

Our experience and resources cover a variety of industries that we operate in today.

We would like to emphasise that we offer a complete service that we feel is special within our marketplace.

Due to industry and client demands, SMP has developed its operations to suit the marketplace offering mechanical, hydraulic and electrical designs and manufacture.

As an international Company we understand the requirement for interpretation.

EXOSUIT / Atmospheric Suits

Our Submarine Rescue Systems can be provided with Atmospheric Suits. These hard metal dive suit allows divers to operate safely down to a depth of 2000 feet and yet still have exceptional dexterity and flexibility to perform delicate work. The amazing technology of the EXOSUIT atmospheric diving system (ADS) maintains a cabin pressure of the surface and still allows the suit to bend due to a unique rotary joint

Deepworker Submersibles

As part of our Submarine Rescue Systems we can deliver the Deepworker submersibles.

The Deepworker 2000 is a one-atmosphere submersible which allows the pilot to go to deeper depths and spend more time below the surface than when using traditional diving methods. It is depth rated to 600 Metres and has the option to be configured to other depths.

The compact and lightweight design is easy to operate and can be piloted with the minimum of training. It has horizontal and vertical thrusters giving unrivalled manoeuvrability and has the ability to hover underwater. This is just another example of SMP’s commitment to their Submarine Rescue Programme.

Submarine Emergency Ventilation and Decompression System (SEVDS)

As part of Submarine Rescue operations the intervention of Submarine Ventilation Systems is a critical part of the operation.

The SMP Submarine Emergency Ventilation and Decompression System (SEVDS) is capable of full ventilation and decompression of the distressed submarine.  The systems operate up to a depth of 600mtrs.  The complete system comprises of:

  • SEVDS Umbilical Winch Package
  • SEVDS Submarine Training Template capable of being used subsea and onshore for critical training
  • Subsea control panel that can be operated by divers or ROVs
  • SMP design different types of connection manifolds to the distressed submarines tailored around the client’s individual requirements [STANAG 1450 is the usual requirement but not always].
  • SMP provide training and technical support for all our systems.


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