Dive Control Containers

SKU: 226

Dive Control Containers

SKU: 226

With standards ever improving in the Diving Industry contractors are having to react to these increasing demands in safety and environments. To meet these growing needs  SMP have amplified the product collection by developing a diverse range of systems to assist the trade.

We design and manufacture a range of insulated dive control containers including 10ft and 20ft container options. The containers can include custom air, nitrox and mixed panels depending on your requirements together with safety equipment, diver equipment storage areas for umbilicals etc, communications systems and much more.

Please contact us to discuss your bespoke requirements and options.`

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As diving practices and advancements take place, working practices and conditions are continuously being improved. The SMP Containerised Dive Systems are a major step forward. The advantages of a containerised system include:

• Ease of mobilisation
• Security
• Storage of all equipment
• Custom built to operators requirements
• Protection from environment
• Transportability
• Extended equipment life
• Modern working conditions
• Efficiency
• Clean video and computer work areas

SMP’s most popular Containerised Diving System is the 20’ ISO container which includes a 1.5mtr/60” Twinlock Decompression Chamber.

These Containerised Dive Systems can be fully insulated and air conditioned with additional personnel doors, viewing windows, steel lockable workbench and diver’s surface supply control panel.

The container is also fitted with high pressure air storage

Dive Control Panel Options
• Multiple Air Diving Panel Configurations  (Configurations can be provided upon request)
• Mixed Gas Divng Panel
• HP to LP Reduction & Distribution Panels
• All Control Panels are Mounted to an Access Hatch for ease of maintenance
• Control Panels can also be designed to meet your sepcification

Container Options
• Diver Monitoring System inluding Comms and Monitors
• On Board HP Air Storage
• Umbillical Storage Racks
• Heating and Air Conditioning
• CCTV & Deck Comms System
• Subsea Welding Rig Switch
• LED Strip Lights with Emergency Battery
• Fire Extinguisher
• 230V, Single Phase, 50 Hz

Dive Control Containers can be designed from the ground up to meet your specification

• Modified 10ft / 20ft ISO or DNV Container
• Fully Insulated
• Steel Floor
• Painted to Marine Environment Grade, colour to meet your specification