BarrelEye Camera

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BarrelEye Camera

SKU: barreleye
All in one light and camera system allows video feed and light to be focussed on the same spot unlike other systems currently on the market with separate light and camera.

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Camera: All in one light and camera system allows video feed and light to be focussed on the same spot unlike other systems currently on the market with separate light and camera.

  • An industry first 8.3 megapixel Ultra High Definition camera, for capturing the sharpest and crispest video ever seen.

  • Rugged design - made from marine grade hard anodised aluminium.

KM Helmet: BarrelEye is designed to be in the line of sight of the diver, with preset and adjustable angles, the video feed can be set to exactly what the diver is seeing, reducing the need for the diver to pan and tilt to capture images.

  • Designed to fit the commonly used Kirby Morgan dive helmets (can be tailored to suit other helmet styles).

  • Quick installation allows for the device to be setup on your helmet within minutes.

Splitter Box: Conveniently mounted on the back of the helmet, our lightweight splitter box (800g/200g apparent weight) powers our BarrelEye Dive camera. 

  • Streams Ultra High Definition 4K video.

  • In-built pressure sensor, enables constant and accurate pressure, temperature and depth ratings all in the one unit.

  • Records directly into MP4 format eliminating the need for time consuming DVR to MP4 conversions.

Tether/Fiber Optic Cable: Hybrid fiber optic and power cable neutrally buoyant and kevlar armoured slash resistant cable.

  • Use of fiber optics enables ultra high quality video streaming over greater distances than other solutions on the market.

  • Available in lengths 60m through 150m (custom lengths available upon request).

Capture App: Capture App is your user-friendly, Windows/PC compatible, Plug and Play application which comes included with a complete BarrelEye® Dive purchase.

Filter 1: Our haze filter has the ability to cut through murky and grey water environments that can cause image degradation. Using this filter will dramatically clean up the image in a low visibility dive, allowing for clearer video and still photos.

Filter 2: Green water is an easy problem to solve with this filter, which is exclusive to the BarrelEye Capture App software. This filter automatically adjusts the color balance that is lost in green water, enhancing the image that is being captured.

Record: Simply click and record. A visual REC flashes in the top left of the screen to show that your recording is underway and is saving to your predetermined folder. Ending the recording is just as simple, simply click the record button again and a visual prompt displays ensuring that you wish to end the recording, click OK and your video is saved.

Focus: The default focus is set to Auto for ease and simplicity of the camera doing the focusing for you. However, by clicking the focus button, you have the freedom to manually adjust the focus on a particular object by using the sliding focus bar. Simply click the auto focus again to return to the camera doing all the work.

Photo: Still images are crystal clear through the 8.3megapixel camera. Capture App allows you to take still images whilst simultaneously recording and saves your high quality JPEGs to your predetermined folder. Sharing still photos from deep sea dives has never been so simple.

Mic: The mic option allows for the divers voice on a dive to be recorded directly onto the video stream, providing commentary from their perspective on what they are inspecting or viewing. This is all saved onto the MP4 recording that is captured when using the video.

Lights: Our high intensity LED will illuminate the darkest of deep sea situations, providing topside viewers and the diver the ultimate clarity. Click the light to turn it on and you then have the flexibility to control the intensity of the light by scaling up or down with the corresponding directional arrows.

Settings: Everytime you start the Capture App software, you'll be prompted with an easy to use setup screen, where you get to choose where you want to save your videos and photos to, with clear path directories for both.

  • Photos and videos save in easy to use and share formats, JPEG and MP4.

  • Set your pressure readings with the choice of: millibar, bar, kpa and psi.

  • Set your temperature readings with the choice of: celsius, fahrenheit and kelvin.

– 74x109x67 (camera box)
– 154x120x47 (splitter box)
– 140x140x43 (vessel box)
Depth rating – 100m
Housing material – Anodized aluminium

Camera Properties
Imaging sensor – Sony IMX415 1/2.8”
Resolution – 3840x2160p(@30fps)
Focus – Fixed and auto-focus, 25mm to infinity
Horizontal FOV – 94deg

Cable Properties
Power – 48VDC
Conductors – 2 ea. #12AWG
Fiber – OM3 multimode
Length – 150m (custom options available)
Diameter – 16mm
Jacket – Buoyant polyurethane (yellow)
Breaking strength – 200kg (kevlar reinforced)


System voltage input – 12VDC
Nominal power – 1A @ 12VDC (max brightness)

Light Properties

Light output – 1080lux @ 6200K (cool white)