Machinery Containers

SKU: Containerised-diving

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Machinery Containers

SKU: Containerised-diving

We design and manufacture a range of containerised machinery containers for LP/HP compressors and gas storage solutions. We can produce 10ft and 20ft containers built to your exact commercial diving requirements

Please contact us to discuss your bespoke requirements and options.

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As diving practices and advancements take place, working practices and conditions are continuously being improved. The advantages of machinery container include:

Ease of mobilisation
Storage of all equipment
Custom built to operators requirements
Protection from environment
Extended equipment life
Modern working conditions

Machinery Options
• Range of HP Compressors
• Range of LP Compressors
• Range of LP Air Receiver Sizes
• HP Air Storage
• HP Charging Panel
• HP to LP Reduction Control Panels
• Range of Environmental Control Units
• Filtration
• Electric Hot Water Machine
• Domestic Utillity Machinery
• Welding Rigs
• HPUs
• Indstrial Appliance Sockets
• Transformers / Electrical Distribution
• Forced Air Ventillation
• Lovered Hatches and Maintenance Acess Hatches where required
• Louvered Bulheads and Doors where required
• Heating and Air Conditioning
• LED Strip Lights with Emergency Battery
• Fire Extinguisher
• 230V, Single Phase, 50 Hz or 380-440V 3Phase, 50/60 Hz (dependant on Machinery)

SMP Can also install your existing Machinery into a Container.

Machinery Containers can be designed from the ground up to meet your specification.

• Modified 10ft / 20ft ISO or DNV Container
• Fully Insulated
• Steel Floor
• Painted to Marine Environment Grade, colour to meet your specification