MCH 6 Compressor Service Kits

SKU: 1694

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MCH 6 Compressor Service Kits

SKU: 1694
We can supply a 100 hour and 500 hour service kit for the MCH 6 portable range of Coltri Compressors.

MCH 6SH Compact
MCH 6EM Compact

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Service Kit contains:
1 x 2nd Stage Copper Upper Gasket (6-02-004)1 x 2nd Stage Copper Lower Gasket (6-02-007)1 x 2nd Stage Valve Body (6-02-008)3 x 234 Stage Valve Plate (6-02-009)3 x 234 Stage Valve Spring (6-02-010)1 x 3rd Stage Valve Body (6-03-007)2 x 3rd Stage Valve Gasket (6-03-009)1 x 4th Stage Head (6-04-007)1 x 4th Stage Copper Gasket (6-04-008)2 x Nylon Seats Manual Drains (13-00-0162)1 x Nylon Seat Overpressure Relief (13-00-0170)1 x Intake Filter (SC000345)1 x Anderol Oil 755 (per litre) (CMLOA.S001)1 x MCH 6 Carbon filter cartridge (SC000340)