SKU: 190


SKU: 190
The Bathycorrometer® is a well-proven inspection tool for measuring the levels of corrosion on sub-sea structures. Light and easy to use this hand-held unit enables divers to obtain accurate readings of the corrosion potential lev


The first Bathycorrometer® unit went into rigorous North Sea service in 1971. Customer satisfaction with the performance of Bathycorrometers® has led to specified use worldwide. The current model retains the features of the original Roxby unit but with the addition of modern electronics. It can also be connected to a Surface Display Unit (SDU) which provides a top-side verification of readings.
Bathycorrometers® are used for polarisation corrosion and interaction surveys in particular as part of the commissioning check or inspection of: production and drilling platforms sub-sea pipelines ships&rsquo hulls jetties and other marine works.

Illuminated digital display.

Facility for adding remote monitoring.

Single handed and light.

Simple to use and maintain.

Robust and inert housing.

Suitable for use in deep water &ndash up to 350 metres.

Easily replaceable half cell.

Supplied with calibration certificate.

Kit includes Zinc and Magnesium test blocks.