C-Tecnics Mini Underwater Camera (CT3012)

SKU: 291

C-Tecnics Mini Underwater Camera (CT3012)

SKU: 291
The C-Tecnics CT3012 Miniature Underwater Camera has been designed for shallow water inspection operations where small size low cost and excellent video quality are required.


The smallest camera in the C-Tecnics range; the CT3012 offers great image quality in a tiny, economical package. The CT3012 is ideal for shallow diving operators but a range of housing material options allows for working at greater depths.

Housing Materials - Anodized Aluminium, Acrylic, Stainless Steal, Titanium
Horizontal Resoluon - 520 TV lines
Signal to Noise Rao - 48db, 1v peak to peak 75 ohms
Operang Depth - 300msw 
Operang Temperature - -10°C to 40°C
Window/Lens Material - Acrylic
Angle of View - 55°
Standard connector - MCBH4M (others available)
Sensivity - 0.008 Lux/F1.2
Lens - 0.5mm, F2.0
Supply Voltage - 12 to 24v
Current Consumpon - 75 mA 

Length: 95mm

Operang Depth: 300msw - Acrylic

Diameter: 23mm 1000msw - Anodised Aluminium

Operang Temperature: -10°C to 40°C

Weight in Air: 120 grams

Window/Lens Material: Acrylic

Weight in Water: 80 grams

Angle of View: 55°

Housing Materials: Anodized Aluminium Acrylic Titanium Stainless Steel 

Standard connector MCBH4M (others available)

Horizontal Resoluon: 520 TV lines

Sensivity: 0.008 Lux/F1.2

Signal to Noise Rao: 48db, 1v peak to peak 

Lens: 6mm, F2.0

Current Consumpon:75 ohms

Supply Voltage: 75 mA 12 to 24V