Containerised Nitrox Dive Control System

SKU: 1913


Containerised Nitrox Dive Control System

SKU: 1913
Containerised Nitrox Dive Control System to Support safe Air Nitrox diving operations. Finished in Marine grade paint and internal thermal insulation.


Built within a standard 10ft ISO Container externally finished in marine grade paint. The container has internal thermal insulation to the bulkhead walls and ceiling area and is temperature controlled from a dual purpose air conditioning and heating unit. The floor area is finished with an anti slip aluminium chequer plate covering.
The container is outfitted with the following hardware sufficient to support safe Air Nitrox diving operations.
3 Diver control panel with individual O2 analysis for each divers supply.
Independent LP Alarms on each diver LP supply. (Adjustable Range 0 to 34 Bar)
3 Diver control Panel fitted with Individual Tescom regulators supplied by 300 Bar HP Hydrocarbon Free Air & HP Nitrox from deck gas storage quads.
Dedicated Penetrator plates for incoming service supplies and main electrical distribution panel.
Dedicated HP Air Panel with 3 x Tescom regulators for Reduced LP air Supplies to the 3 diver panel.
1 x 340 Ltr 13 Bar Air Receiver Complete with Breathing Air Filtration System
External HP supplies routed through 50 micron filtration system.
Inbuilt HP Air and Nitrox Storage rack provided with individual pre dive analysis points.
All gauges and Piping systems for Nitrox and Hydrocarbon Free breathing air are cleaned to comply with Oxygen service standards and certified as per IMCA requirements.
Mild steel work station desk with a wooden surface covered with polycarbonate laminate. Dive Tables or Drawings can be placed under the laminate cover for reference.
240 VAC electrical system with lighting metal clad switches stainless steel fixtures and ergonomically distributed 13 amp twin metal clad sockets throughout.
One external IP65 rated twin socket mounted on the internal dividing bulkhead.
Bulkhead wall mounted Air Conditioning unit installed within a fully retractable frame. External Hinged steel door installed for security and protection when the AC is in the retracted stored position.
Internal dividing bulkhead complete with internal door and large observation window to thermally isolate the control station when the container double doors remain open during diving operations.
Penetrator plates are located in the dividing bulkhead wall for umbilical service connections
The container main double doors are internally fitted with two stainless Steel umbilical storage hangers.
Both compartments of the container are fitted with suitable internal overhead lights.