Divex Diver Bell Survival Kit

SKU: 1736

Divex Diver Bell Survival Kit

SKU: 1736
The Divex Diver Bell Survival Kit is a passive survival system for use in diving bells hyperbaric lifeboats and underwater welding habitats in the event of a &ldquolost bell&rdquo or emergency situation.



This is a one-piece bodysuit complete with hood that the diver has as his first layer of thermal protection. It uses multi-layer advanced trispace insulation material sandwiched between pertex inner lining, to draw moisture away from the skin, and outer splash proof cover. A towel is also included.

Survival Bag
This is a specially made item that has the appearance of a very thick 'sleeping bag with arms'. It uses thick multi-layer trispace insulation, between an inner lining and a breathable, waterproof outer cover. A full harness is incorporated into the bag which has two functions:

It is designed with long support straps that penetrate the rear of the bag at neck level, which can be attached to a suitable securing point. This will then support the diver in an upright sitting position even when asleep or possibly unconscious, and thereby prevent the diver falling across the access door to the bell and hindering rescue.

The harness has two D-rings on the chest to which the CO2 scrubber unit is attached by way of small snap hooks. This relieves the oral nasal of any strain, and eliminates weight on the diver's neck or head. The survival bag also features an orally inflatable cushion for the diver to sit on to help reduce heat conduction directly away from the diver, as this is obviously where the insulation layers will be crushed by the diver's weight and would be less effective.


Storage Pouches: Storage pouches inside the bag in which the water bottle, ration pack and sanitary bags can be stored once the diver is in the suit or bag. This eliminates the need for the diver to unzip the system and lose valuable heat.

Functional: The 'arms' permit the diver to perform basic functions within the bell without leaving the sanctuary of the suit. They can be withdrawn in to the suit to further preserve heat.

Thermal Regenerator Collar: On the right chest is an expandable hole through which the thermal regenerator collar is pushed to aid gas circulation through the scrubber system.

Compact Bag: The whole system is vacuum packed and contained within a strong satchel/bag, which features four hanging loops to give multi-storage options.

Length - 500mm
Width - 460mm
Height - 270mm
Weight - 10kg