EP56 Hydraulic Power Pack

SKU: 201

EP56 Hydraulic Power Pack

SKU: 201
The EP56 Hydraulic Power Pack is a versatile compact unit which meets the requirements of the most demanding marine and offshore applications.


With a variable hydraulic flow rate of 0 to 56 litres per minute it is ideally suited to run the complete range of Stanley hand held hydraulic tools.

Variable hydraulic flow is achieved by the use of a Pressure Compensated Flow Control Valve. Flow selection is simply achieved by the rotation of the flow controller knob whilst observing the reading of the integral hydraulic flow meter.

The hydraulic pressure relief valve is set with a maximum pressure of 200 bar which ensure a good working pressure of 155 bar at 56 litres per minute.

Hydraulic connection is made through industry standard 34 body flat face quick connect couplers. Other hydraulic coupling arrangements can be offered on request.

This unit is powered by a very efficient 18.5Kw 3-phase 4-pole electric motor running at 1470rpm50Hz. The electric motor can be run from a 50 or 60Hz 3-phase supply with hydraulic pump size being altered (matched) to ensure correct flow is delivered. Start up is controlled by a Star-Delta starter unit which is fitted with a 5-pin 63A plug for easy connection to an extension lead (a mating socket half is supplied to assist with electrical connection). The starter unit includes a phase-inverter sensor relay feature which prevents the motor from starting up in the wrong rotation. The electric motor and controls are IP66 rated.

The hydraulic circuit temperature is controlled by a 9Kw air blast oil cooler transfer system powered by an electrically operated thermostatically controlled fan to maintain a constant level of cooling. The hydraulic oil is also circulated through a high-pressure in-line filter thus ensuring an efficient and reliable hydraulic system without increased back pressure. This filter system incorporates a visual indicator to give an early warning when the filter cartridge needs changing.

The unit is built on a strong rectangular section chassis and enclosed in a box section steel frame for maximum protection. Facility is also provided for manoeuvring the unit with a fork lift truck via two fork channels at the base of the chassis. The unit can also be lifted by a certified 4-point sling system.

The fabricated frame assembly is protected with a powder coat finish although other paint schemes can be offered on request.

The compact low-noise and lightweight features of this unit makes it the ideal choice for supporting all your marine and offshore requirements.

This power pack has been designed to accommodate hydraulic hose runs of up to 200m long. Hoses can be supplied if required.

This power pack was designed as our standard 3-phase offshore unit. Should you require something different please contact us with your specific requirements.