Hopkins GR05 Underwater Grinder



Hopkins GR05 Underwater Grinder

GR05 Underwater Grinder.


GR05 underwater Grinder is a compact yet powerful 5“ (125mm) grinder for a wide range of maintenance & inspection jobs. It is primarily designed for cutting, grinding and cleaning tasks. With its standard 22.23mm sized spindle, there is a vast range of cutting and grinding discs as well as brushes and flap wheels readily available off-the-shelf to suit any application.

It can be run from a wide range of hydraulic flows from 20 to 40lpm @ 155bar. This versatility means that the GR05 Grinder can be run from almost any hydraulic circuit.

This professional tool is powerful yet light and features a safety trigger system which prevents accidental operation of the tool. In addition the head can be rotated to allow better access to awkward places or for diver comfort. The power-to-weight ratio of the GR05 makes it easy for divers to operate but still powerful enough to bring even the toughest jobs down to size. The GR05 is perfect for smaller and medium sizes tasks.

SMP offer a wide range of cutting and grinding consumables for the GR05 Grinder suitable for a wide range of tasks.

GR05 Rotation Speeds:

4750 @ 20 lpm

7100 @ 30 lpm

9450 @ 40 lpm

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