Hopkins PG03 Underwater Grinder



Hopkins PG03 Underwater Grinder

PG03 Underwater Grinder.


PG03 Underwater Grinder. The new PG03 is as powerful and reliable as the PG04 is has been developed from but is much more compact and also much lighter. The PG03 is ideal for grinding welds and performing intricate maintenance tasks.

PG03 grinder has a 6mm collet which means it can use rotary burrs, flap wheels, micro cut off wheels and mounted points etc. The tool can operate over a wide flow range (15-40lpm) meaning it can run off almost any hydraulic circuit.

In addition the new PG03 comes with a removable guard for extra safety.

The PG03 Grinder has primarily been designed as an underwater tool but can also be used on land if the mechanical face seal is removed from the front end.

EC Hopkins maintain high stock levels of underwater tools, spares and accessories and can offer rapid UK and Worldwide delivery.

SMP offer a wide range of cutting and grinding consumables for the PG03 Grinder suitable for a wide range of tasks.

Please click on the PDF files below to see the range of accessories.

Replacing the PG04 the new Hopkins PG03 Peanut Grinder is the ideal hydraulic driven tool for underwater maintenance & inspection jobs. It is primarily designed for weld seam grinding and hole de-burring in steel structures although it is also suitable for a host of other applications.

With its 6mm sized collet chuck, there is a vast range of rotary burrs and accessories readily available off-the-shelf to suit any application.

It can be run from a wide range of hydraulic flows from 15 to 40lpm @ 140bar.

This versatility means that the PG03 Peanut Grinder can be run from almost any hydraulic circuit.

This professional tool features a safety trigger system which prevents accidental operation of the tool.

The power-to-weight ratio of the PG03 brings even the toughest jobs down to size.

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