Medical Kit DMAC 15 Revision 3 (as per IMCA Specification)

SKU: 1794


Medical Kit DMAC 15 Revision 3 (as per IMCA Specification)

SKU: 1794
Medical Kit DMAC 15 Revision 3 (as per IMCA Specification)



The medical kit contains the following items:

Pen; Torch, Digital Thermometer; Stethoscope; Aneriod Sphygmomanometer; Reflex Hammer; Tape Measure; Tuning Fork 256Hz; Tuning Fork 128Hz; Neurotipspins; True One Test Strips; Tongue Depressor 100; Multistix GP; Otoscope.

Thoracocentecis: Intercostal Drainage Kit; Intravenous Cannulae 14G

Urinary Catheterisation: Catheter Foley16G; Catheter Foley 18G; Urine Drainage Bag; Water 20 (2ml x 10) Sterile; Instillagel 6ml.

Dressings: Gauze Swab 10cm2; Cotton Wool Balls; Triangular Bandage; T6 Trauma Bandage; Safety Pins; Elastic Adhesive Bdge 7.5cm; Elastic Adhesive Bdge 2.5cm; Crepe Bandage 15cm; Crepe Bandage 7.5cm; FA Dressing Lge; FA Dressing Med; Asstd Adhesive Dressings; Dressing Bowls; Eye Pads; Eye Wash Station.

Sterile Supplies General: Universal Container; Drapes; Alcohol Swabs; Sterile Gloves Assorted Size; Sutures Nylon 30 and 20; Sultures Absorbable 20 and 30; Syringe 20ml; Syringe 10ml; Syringe 2ml; Needle 21g.

Sterile Instruments: Spencer Wells 12.5cm; Mosquito Forcep; Dressing Forcep; Scalpel Disposable; Dissecting Forcep Fine Toothed; Dressing Scissor; Scissor SS; Ring Cutter.

Intravenous Access: Giving Sets Admin Sets; Cannulae 16G; Cannulae 18G; Magnetic Hooks; Fast IO Device.

Resuscitation: Resuscitator with Reservoir; Resus Face Masks Size 532; Pocket Resus Mask; Supraglottic Airway Size 3; Supraglottic Airway Size 4; Supraglottic Airway Size 5; Guedel Airway 34; Suction Unit; Torniquet; Suction Catheter; Yankauer Section Tube; Semi Automatic Defibrillator (Optional Extra); Lidocaine 1% 5ml x 10; Paracetamol Tablets x 32; Aspirin Soluble 300mg x 32; Codeine Tabs 30mg x 28; Zydol Injection x 5; Naloxone Injection x 10; Adrenaline Injection x 10; Amiodarone Injectoins x 10; Frusemide Injection x 10; Prochlorperazine Injection x 10; Kwells x 12; Scopoderm Patches x 2; Chlorpheniramine Injection x 5; Cetirizine Tabs x 30; Hydrocortisone Injection; Epipen Adult; Atropine Injections x 10; Minijet Glucose 50ml; Glyceryl Trinitrate Tabs x 100; Sodium Chloride Infusion 500ml; Chlorpromazine Injections x 10; Diazem Injection x 10; Diazepam Rectal Tube x 5; Silver Sulphadiazine Cream 500g; Coamoxiclav 625mg x 21; Clarithromycin 250mg x 14; Antibiotic Ear Drops; Clotrimazole Cream 20g.

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