Mini-O2 Portable Oxygen Analyser


Mini-O2 Portable Oxygen Analyser

The Analox Mini-02 portable Oxygen Analyser is an accurate fast response portable oxygen analyser in an ultra small ABS case. Designed to handle harsh environments the Mini-O2 is housed in an extremely rugged IP65NE


The Analox Portable Oxygen Monitor is ideal for on-line oxygen monitoring or for verifying oxygen levels from gas cylinders, gas distribution panels, and diving chambers. If the monitor is used for measuring the oxygen level in the output from a mixing panel, another oxygen Portable should be used for cylinder verification purposes. One monitor should not be used for both. This monitor is not designed to be located inside a chamber but external to the chamber only.

US Navy approved
Water and drop resistant
Portable, fast and accurate 
Large digital display with low battery warning symbol 
Internal O2 sensor for protection and to minimize the effects of temperature 
9V alkaline battery gives long life up to 3 years of intermittent operation before replacement 
Designed specifically for the Diving Industry, Sport (NITROX), Commercial and Military - where hostile environmental conditions are the norm not the exception

Range - 0.1-100% Oxygen
Accuracy - 1% of 0-50% calibrated on air, 2% of reading over range 0-100% calibrated Oxygen
Resolution - ± 0.1 % Oxygen
Display - 3-1/2 in. Digital LCD
Operating Temp - 23° to 122° F (-5° to 50° C)
Sensor Life - 2 year limited warranty in air at Normal Temperature and Pressure
Sensor Response - Less than 15 seconds to 90% of final reading
Flow Rate - 0.5 to 2.5 liters/min. using flow adapter (1 LPM recommended)
Dimensions - 3.86 in. H x 2.5 in. W(64 mm) x 1.5 in. D (98 mm x 64 mm x 36 mm)