Northern Diver Guardian GTEK BCD

SKU: 1825


Northern Diver Guardian GTEK BCD

SKU: 1825
The Guardian GTEK offers the same features as the Guardian II plus the addition of an integrated quick-release safety weights system.



The latest Guardian has an incredible 1680/1000 denier nylon build. There’s thirteen D rings on the BCD, nine of which are stainless steel. There’s also two clips either side of the jacket, two generous zipped pockets and four air dumping methods. The jacket’s two integrated quick-release weight pockets and two rear trim weight pockets give a wide range of weight options.


The Guardian has all-new features and extras: our ergonomically designed power inflator system, EES (Easy Evacuation System), Moulded Protection Plate, sliders for vertical adjustment of the chest strap, a removable reflective pocket for our Flexi-Light, and a removable bungee cord with a split ring attachment point. To top it off, the BCD features a rugged, striking outer layer on the side panels, and it’s supplied with a Northern Diver carry bag.

Ergonomically designed power inflator system, comprises LP/corrugated hoses, inflate/dump buttons, mouthpiece and Velcro retainer
3 pull dumps: shoulder, power inflator and kidney
13 D-rings: 9 stainless steel, 4 CETL plastic
2 side clips
2 integrated quick-release weight pockets
Weight pocket capacity: 4kg lead block, 5kg lead shot
2 rear trim weight pockets (non-dump)
Trim weight pocket capacity: 2kg lead block, 2.3kg lead shot
Single cylinder housing (BCD suitable for use with a pony cylinder as an additional cylinder)
Reinforced webbing cylinder cam band with removable pocket for the Northern Diver Flexi-Light (Flexi-Light not included)
Easy Evacuation System (EES) – an easy-access pull handle, located at the top of the protection plate, for use by another diver to quickly release the wearer from the BCD if necessary
Adjustable Velcro webbing waist strap
Adjustable webbing waist, chest and shoulder straps with side-release clips
Sliders for vertical adjustment of chest strap
Padded shoulder straps
Moulded Protection Plate – a moulded, padded back plate
2 large zipped pockets
Removable bungee cord with split ring attachment point
Supplied with Northern Diver carry bag

Sizes -
Extra Small
Extra Large

Dry weight - 3.9kg (M), 4kg (L), 4.3kg (XL)
Lift - 12.2kg (M), 22.4kg (L), 27.5kg (XL