Northern Diver Origin Commercial Dry Suit

SKU: 254


Northern Diver Origin Commercial Dry Suit

SKU: 254
Origin 800 drysuit is still incredibly popular with experienced divers around the world and remains the first choice for commercial divers


The Origin Drysuit is the developed version of the original Northern Diver drysuit. This is still incredibly popular with experienced divers around the world and remains the preferred choice for commercial divers.
The Origin Drysuit is also ideal for the more advanced ‘non-commercial‘ divers who regularly plan dives with little physical movement, long duration or deco-stop diving.
The Origin Drysuit is available in range of commercial sizes. These are a wider fit than the standard drysuit sizes, allowing any combination of the undersuits to be used covering all diving conditions.
Manufactured from 6.5mm XO grade neoprene. Featuring an extremely tough Armourtex® outer shell, for added durability and our Ti-Ax® Thermacote® heat reflective system to increase thermal insulation.
Available off-the-shelf with wide-fitting boots or the optional steel toe cap, mid-sole foil safety boots. These steel toecap, mid-sole foil safety boots conform to Safety Boot Standard EN12568/98.
The Origin Drysuit features RockFabric® elbow, shoulder and knee protection with heavy-duty rubber kneepads, making sure Origin is durable enough to withstand years of action. RockFabric® is a mineral compound bonded to a cordura substrate, surfaced with a silicone matrix, which combines a very hard wearing finish with a super slick surface.
We also offer a ‘Double Mushroom’ air exhaust valve to give a second layer of protection for contaminated water use.

Standard: Origin comes as standard with rubbatex neck and wrist seals. Alternatively, it can be modified with an attached hood, latex seals or many other personal preferences.

Fitted Pockets: Cutting rod pocket on right thigh with knife attachment loops and a transporter pocket with 2” external D-ring on left thigh as standard. Your own choice of pockets can be fitted if required.

Valve Patches: Supplied with rubber reinforcing valve patches fitted in the centre of the chest and on the left bicep.

Exhaust Valves: Supplied with high performance inflation and variable exhaust valves or an additional auto cuff dump, fitted wherever required.

Optional fly relief zip.

Optional reinforced toe and mid-sole foil safety boot.

Optional Extras: Other options include an attached dry hood combined with latex neck seal, internal braces, latex cuff ring system and dry gloves.

Zipper: Heavy duty metal dry zipper.

Reinforced: Elbows reinforced with Rockfabric®. Shoulders also reinforced with Rockfabric® for added durability.

Range of Sizes: A full range of commercial sizes in regular stock, available for immediate despatch.

Heavy Duty: Heavy duty Rockfabric® with additional rubber knee patches.