OTS Earphone/Microphone Assembly


OTS Earphone/Microphone Assembly

The OTS Earphone/Microphone Assemblies are designed to allow the user to connect either hard-wire or through-water communications.



Ocean Technology Systems Earphone/Microphone Assembly for AGA Divator Full Face Mask is designed to allow the user to connect either Hard-wire or Through-water communications to a full face mask (FFM). The configurations can be endless depending on the application. The following configurations are the most commonly used. In addition to supporting different installation methods for each FFM, E/M Assemblies can be configured with either one of these two microphones elements: ME-16R Hot Mic noise canceling, salt-water resistant, pressure-resistant studio quality microphone. Super Mic is a water proof, pressure tolerant ceramic microphone with a compact, lightweight design and noise cancelling properties reducing background noises for clearer communications

Wired and Wireless: Works with both hardwire or wireless communication units

Noise Cancelling: Includes ME-16R studio quality noise cancelling mic

Push to Talk: Easy to install coverplate with push to talk assembly

Connector Type: Hi-Use Connector

Replaces existing front cover plate

For use on AGA Full Face Masks only