Professional Divers Handbook

SKU: XD.S0020


Professional Divers Handbook

SKU: XD.S0020
The aim of this Handbook produced by John Bevan is to provide an introduction to operational tasks procedures equipment and instrumentation


The Professional Divers Handbook The aim of this Handbook produced by John Bevan is to provide an introduction to operational tasks procedures equipment and instrumentation together with associated technical and safety information. It is not a diving manual and does not teach you how to dive. The Handbook is divided into 15 chapters:

Diving Operations: Project and safety management; Exploration drilling platforms; Drilling support; Pipelay barges; Trenching barges; Dynamically- positioned vessels; Pipeline connections; Pipeline stabilisation; Offshore production systems; Single point moorings; Pipeline inspection; Shipwork Docks and harbours; Weirs and locks; Spillways reservoirs and dams; Outfalls; Sheet piles.

Inspection Diving Techniques: Inspection diving; Visual inspection; Still photography; CCTV; General survey inspection; Corrosion inspection; Underwater cleaning; NDT inspection; Inspection qualifications.

Applied Techniques: Corrosion prevention; Cutting; Welding; Concreting; Explosives; Explosive tools; Rigging; Lifting operations; Air lifts and dredges; Engineering drawings. Submersibles Submersibles overview; Manned submersibles; Unmanned submersibles; Submersible ancillary equipment.

Operational Diving Equipment: Diving systems; Diving helmets and masks; Diver gas management systems; Thermal protection.

Communications (colour): Radio telephony; Diver voice communications; Diver hand signals; Diver rope signals; Radio telegraphy; Light signals; Flag signals; Distress at Sea.

Navigation and Buoyage (colour)

Cylinder Identification (colour)

Marine Fouling (colour): Identification of marine plants and animals.

Concrete Blemishes (colour)

Weather and the Sea: Weather; Weather forecasts; Sea state; Tides and tidal streams; Temperature thermoclines and haloclines.

Health and Safety: First aid; Chamber hygiene and diet; Ear infections; Health in the tropics; Hypothermia; Hyperthermia; Decompression; Pulmonary barotrauma; High pressure nervous syndrome; Hypoxia and Anoxia; Gas hazards; Underwater explosions; Keeping fit Diving medical examination; Procedures following a fatal accident.

Rescue: Offshore diving emergency procedures; Hyperbaric rescue; Coastguard.

Regulations: Diving regulations and Codes of Practice; Equipment test requirements; Classification and certification; Diving records and qualifications.

Useful Information: Time and travel; Metrication; Conversion tables; Types of wood; Glossary.

Emphasis is on safety and illustration. Basic safety information is provided throughout the book in grey-shaded panels.
Building on the success of the first edition this the second edition of The Professional Divers Handbook has become a standard reference book for divers and underwater engineers.
Size: 19cm x 26.5cm x 2cm (7.5 x 10.5 x58th inches)
370 pages. Soft-backed with clear plastic protective jacket.