SMP Hyper Flow Hyperbaric Heater Chiller

SKU: 272


SMP Hyper Flow Hyperbaric Heater Chiller

SKU: 272
SMP Hyper Flow Hyperbaric Heater Chiller



The SMP heaterchiller unit is specifically designed and constructed for use in professional diving systems and hyperbaric chambers. The units provide heatingchilling and are easily installed and removed.
The heaterchiller system consists of two independent units the two units may be used as a set or individually. When used as a set each unit can be mounted separately. Electric fan motors supply gas through the unit to either heat or chill.
Operation: The heaterchiller contains a finned tube exchanger coil and an electric motor fan the fan pulls a flow of gas from the internal atmosphere across the exchanger coil which then transfers hot or cold gas into the surrounding area.
Shipping Weight: HeaterChiller & Mounting Plate 15kgs
Installed Weight: HeaterChiller 11kgs
Power requirements: HeaterChiller 12vdc24vdc 1.5 Amps
Fluid Supply: HeaterChiller Min 7LPMMax 38LPM
½ NPT Female Connections
Coil maximum working pressure 30 Bar435 Psi
Gas Flows @ 1 Atmosphere: 1.7 m3min