Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Chainsaws CS11

SKU: 126


Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Chainsaws CS11

SKU: 126
Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Chain Saw CS11 is ideal for commercial divers cutting wood or bridge pilings underwater because of underwater chain saws wide range in flow and pressure requirements.


The CS11 Underwater Hydraulic Cut Off Saw is Stanley's most powerful saw and is suitable for the most extreme applications such as cutting Greenheart bridge pilings. It is powered by a 38-53 lpm high power motor and can be fitted with bars and chains from 20-42".

The Stanley CS11 underwater chainsaw can be used for cutting timber structures, trees and branches etc. underwater or in marine environments from coastal and harbours to offshore. Greenheart is often used in these types of areas and the CS11 can cope with the hardness and density of that particular material

Because the CS11 cut off saw is powered by a hydraulic motor, it is inherently less likely to kick back than a saw powered by a petrol engine with high levels of inertia due to the flywheel.

Power to Weight Ratio: Stanley’s CS11 hydraulic chain saw offers the highest power to weight ratio of any chain saw on the market today.

Suitable for Various Uses: The wide range of flow and pressure makes them well suited to run from a variety of equipment and plant. The CS11 can handle a wide range of application from bridge pilings to utility poles through to greenheart marine structures, such as piers and dock timbers as well as general wood cutting or timber processing.

Safety: Safety has been designed in with interlocking triggers, bucking spurs and hand guards.

High Torque: Its robust design and high torque gear motor provides instant chain speed.

Hydraulic Power: The hydraulic power does not require a flywheel to smooth out the power pulses so there is no chain coasting when you release the trigger. Kick back is all but eliminated without the flywheel used on petrol or gas driven saws.

Heavy Duty: The CS11 hydraulic chain saw is designed for extreme duty applications.

Bar and Chains: There is a range of bar and chain sizes available to suit upto 42” or 106cm.

Capacity - 24 30 36 and 43 in. cut (61 76 91 and 109 cm cut) 

Pressure - 1500-2000 psi (105-140 bar) 

Flow Range - 10-14 gpm (38-53 lpm) at the commercial diver 

Optimum Flow - 14 gpm (53 lpm) 

Porting - 8 SAE O-Ring 

Connect Size And Type - 38 in. or 12 in. Male Pipe Hose 

End Motor - Hyrevz motor

Weight - 14 lbs (6 kg) 

Length - 17 in. (43 cm) 

Width - 9 in. (23 cm)