Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Drill DL07

SKU: 119


Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Drill DL07

SKU: 119
The Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Drill DL07 is a 12 inch capacity drill used by commercial divers for drilling in wood metal or masonry. This underwater tool includes hosewhips. Quick disconnect couplers are sold separately.


The Stanley DL07 Underwater Hydraulic Drill is a powerful and reliable tool for drilling holes in the hardest of woods, metal & masonry etc. With a wide flow range of 11-38lpm and feather trigger the DL07 is suitable for a very broad range of drill bit types and applications.

The drill features a dual-position assist handle, reverse function, plastisol coated handle, a ½” 3 jaw chuck, integral Stanley Hyrevz motor, and the ability to be run from closed and open centre hydraulic systems. Do not be fooled by the DL07 small size and weight, the power of this tool makes it very efficient at drilling including Greenheart with the right wood augers fitted.

High Torque: Integral Stanley Hyrevz gear motor produces high torque 

Quality Build: Stainless Steel spools and fasteners 

Speed: Forward-Reverse with variable speed 

Control: Dual position assist handle provides increased control 

Comfort: Oversized trigger with guard for operator comfort 

Wiper: Wiper seals on reversing and trigger spool 

Long Life: Built in reverse check valve ensures long seal life 

Ergonomic Grip: Plastisol handle for comfortable ergonomic grip

Improved Balance: Forward position of handle provides better balance

Open/Closed Feature: Open Center/Closed Center-Dual Spool Feature 

Cast-in lifting eye

Capacity - 1/2 in. chuck (12 mm Chuck)

Performance -
4 ft. lbs. at 500 psi (0.5 Nm at 35 bar)
9 ft. lbs. at 1000 psi (1.2 Nm at 70 bar)
14 ft. lbs. at 1500 psi (1.9 Nm at 105 bar)
19 ft. lbs. at 2000 psi (2.6 Nm at 140 bar)

Flow range -
350 rpm at 3 gpm (350 rpm at 11.3 lpm)
475 rpm at 4 gpm (475 rpm at 15 lpm)
750 rpm at 6 gpm (750 rpm at 23 lpm)
1000 rpm at 8 gpm (1000 rpm at 30 lpm)
1250 rpm at 10 gpm (1250 rpm at 38 lpm)

Maximum flow - 12 gpm (45.4 lpm)
Pressure - 2000 psi maximum (140 bar maximum)
Ports - 8 SAE O-ring
Motor - Hyrevz™ motor
System Type - Open center/Closed center

Weight - 6 lbs. (2.7 kg)
Length - 9 in. (22.9 cm)