Tescom 44-1300 Series Hand Loaded Reducing Regulator

SKU: 155


Tescom 44-1300 Series Hand Loaded Reducing Regulator

SKU: 155
The Tescom 44-1300 Series High Flow High Pressure Regulators are designed to safely reduce inlet pressures of up to 4500 PSIG and accurately deliver high gas flows throughout the 10-1500 PSIG outlet pressure range.



TESCOM 44-1300 Series is a high pressure, high flow pressure reducing regulator that offers a venting and balanced valve design. The 44-1300 Series provides Cv 0.8 and 2.0. Dome and air load options are available.

Large piston sensor gives excellent sensitivity 
Balanced valve design ensures stable downstream pressure 
Large handknob provides fast low-torque pressure settings 
Venting is standard
Available with gauge ports
Dome and air loaded models are available (non-venting only)

Body Material - Brass
Maximum Inlet Pressure - 3750 psig (259 bar)
Outlet Pressure Range - 0-1000 psig (0-69.0 bar)
Design Proof Pressure - 150 percent of rated pressure
Leakage - Bubble-tight
Operating Temperature - -15 degrees F to +220 degrees F (-25 degrees C to +104 degrees C)
Flow capacity - Cv=2.0
Port Type - NPT
Port Size - 3/4 in.
Modification - Venting with gauge ports
Body - Brass
Seat Main Valve - CTFE
Seat Vent Valve - CTFE: 1000 psig / 69.0 bar
O-rings - Viton-A
Back-up Rings - Teflon
Gaskets - CTFE
Remaining Parts - Remaining Parts: 300 Series Stainless Steel, Teflon & Brass