Viking Commercial Rubber Dry Suits

SKU: 256


Viking Commercial Rubber Dry Suits

SKU: 256
Viking dry suits have for more than 50 years set the standards for durability protection and compatibility among divers in principally all areas of the diving business.



The Viking PRO (Formerly Viking Pro 1000) is popular for many Public Safety Diving applications. Rescue and recovery divers can't choose where and when to dive and may be forced to dive in contaminated waters. Consequently, it is vitally important for them to use a suit that combines protection against hazardous waters with flexibility and comfort. A Viking Pro drysuit in combination with either a rubber or a latex hood and a sleeve ring system with attached dry gloves is one of the best alternatives available. In conjunction with a positive-pressure full-face mask, you are well equipped even for diving in most contaminated water situations. 

The Viking HD 1500 suit is made of red or black EPDM/natural rubber with a two way stretch polyester lining. The suit is fitted with rotating inlet and exhaust valves and a heavy-duty zip. The suit is equipped with black integrated reinforcements over the shoulders and from the foot up over the knee. As an option, the Viking HD 1500 suit can be equipped with various pockets and a relief zip.
Commercial divers use a wide range of straps and harnesses. To avoid the problem of equipment interfering with valves, the Viking inlet valve can be positioned flexibly on the chest and the long heavy-duty zipper makes the suit easy to don.

The Viking HD 1500 suit:

Material: Made of red or black EPDM/natural rubber with a two-way stretch polyester lining. Material weight is 1550 g/m²

Sizes: Available in 8 standard sizes; 01-04 and 01Wide-04Wide

Valves: Fitted with rotating inlet and exhaust valves

Heavy Duty: Gas and watertight heavy-duty zip across the shoulders

Reinforced: Black integrated rubber reinforcements from the foot up over the knee, across shoulders and down on arms and in crotch area. Reinforced rubber boots.

Rubber Yoke: Fitted with rubber yoke for the SuperLite 17 helmet, which includes a latex neckseal

Suspenders: Integrated suspenders for ease-of-wear 

Optional Extras: As an option, the Viking HD 1500 can be equipped with a wide range of accessories; various glove ring systems, different pockets, relief zip and safety boots

Included in Bag: Suit comes delivered in a bag including repair kit, zip care tools, inflator hose and user manual