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Commercial Diving Equipment     
Air SystemsAir Systems    
 Breathing Air CompressorsBreathing Air Compressors   
 Coltri MCH 6 SH Petrol Driven Portable Breathing Air Compressor SC000100/R/R (MCH6)
 Coltri MCH 6 SH Compact Portable Breathing Air Compressor SC000100/COMP (MCH6)
 Coltri MCH 6 EM Electric Portable Breathing Air Compressor (MCH6) SC000120 (MCH6)
 Coltri MCH 6 EM Compact Portable Breathing Air Compressor (MCH6) SC000120/COMP (MCH6)
 Coltri MCH8/EM Standard Breathing Air Compressor SC000165 (MCH 8)
 Coltri MCH11/EM Standard Breathing Air Compressor SC000185
 Coltri MCH 8/EM Compact Breathing Air Compressor SC000090
 Coltri MCH 11/EM Compact Breathing Air Compressor SC000095
 Coltri MCH 36 Silent Electric Breathing Air Compressor SC000191 (MCH 36)
 Coltri MCH 26/ET Compact Electric Breathing Air Compressor SC000285 (MCH 26)
 Coltri MCH 36 Open Breathing Air Compressor SC000193 (MCH 36)
 Coltri MCH 32/ET Compact Breathing Air Compressor SC000288 (MCH 32)
 Coltri LP 280 Rotary Silent Nitrox Compressor with Inbuilt Dryer SC000805 (Nitrox Compressor)
 Coltri LP 280 Rotary Silent Nitrox Compressor with Seperated Dryer SC000600 (Nitrox Compressor)
 Coltri LP 560 Rotary Silent Nitrox Compressor SC000610 (Nitrox Compressor)
 Coltri LP 713 Rotary Silent Nitrox Compressor SC000620 (Nitrox Compressor)
 Coltri MCH 13/ETS Super Silent Evo Breathing Air Compressor SC000216
 Coltri MCH 16/ETS Super Silent Evo Breathing Air Compressor SC000276
 Coltri MCH 13/ETS Super Silent Evo Tropical Breathing Air Compressor SC000216/T
 Coltri MCH 16/ETS Super Silent Evo Tropical Breathing Air Compressor SC000275/T
 Coltri MCH 13/ETS Mini Silent Breathing Air Compressor SC000207
 Coltri MCH 16/ETS Mini Silent Breathing Air Compressor SC000267
 Coltri MCH 13/ET Compact Breathing Air Compressor SC000201
 Coltri MCH 16/ET Compact Breathing Air Compressor SC000261
 Coltri MCH 13/ET Compact Evo Breathing Air Compressor SC000218
 Coltri MCH 16/ET Compact Evo Breathing Air Compressor SC000103
 Coltri MCH 13/ET Standard Breathing Air Compressor SC000214
 Coltri MCH 16/ET Standard Breathing Air Compressor SC000231
 SMP 30 CFM LP Hatz 1B40 10hp Diesel Engine Compressor with 200 Ltr Receiver CLDI.S0001
 SMP 15 cfm LP Compressor with 50 Litre Receiver CLPD.S0002
 SMP 90 CFM rotary screw compressor c/w 640 litre receiver CLER.S007
 Nuvair Nitrox Membrane Panel CMSONT.S05 (Nuvair)
 Traveler II Nitrox Compressor CHN.S00011/PDI
 Coltri Low Pressure EOLO 300/EM - 10 cfm Single Phase Electric compressor HC010130
 Low Pressure EOLO 300/ET - 10 cfm Three Phase Electric Compressor CLEB.S0003
 Low Pressure EOLO 300/SH - 10 cfm Honda Petrol Compressor CLPB.001425
 Quincy 5120 Electric with Frame SMP007634
 Quincy 5120 Diesel SMP002756
 Compressed Natural Gas CompressorsCompressed Natural Gas Compressors   
 MCH 5 Compressed Natural Gas Compressor (CNG) SC000153/CNG
 MCH 10 Compressed Natural Gas Compressor (CNG) SC000164/CNG
 MCH 20 Compressed Natural Gas Compressor (CNG) SC000184/CNG
 MCH 24 Compressed Natural Gas Compressor (CNG) SC000127/CNG
 MCH 14 CNG Compressor MCH14
 MCH 10 Compressed Natural Gas Compressor (CNG) SC000164/CNG
 MCH 20 Compressed Natural Gas Compressor (CNG) SC000184/CNG
 MCH 24 Compressed Natural Gas Compressor (CNG) SC000127/CNG
 MCH 14 CNG Compressor MCH14
 Compressor AccessoriesCompressor Accessories   
 BC DIN 230 Bar SC000470
 DIN/INT fitting RE100350
 BC DIN 300 Bar SC000460
 BC DIN 300 Bar SP SC000460/SP
 BC Italia SC000475
 BC INT SC000450
 BC 26x2 NITROX SC000455
 Lever Valve INT/DIN VA800170
 LV INT/DIN 225 bar to 300 bar SC000331
 LV INT/DIN SC000327
 BC DIN 225 bar 300 bar SC000329
 BC INT/DIN SC000325
 Coltri Compressor Pressure Relief Valves 605015
 MCH 6 Pump SC000160
 MCH 8 - 16 Compressor Pumping Group SC000221
 MCH 36 Pumping Group MCH-36 Pump
 1.2 metre Breathing Air Compressor Whip Hose with 4 JIC Fitting each end DGACS.S003
 MCH 6 Compressor Service Kits MCH6-Kits
 MCH 8 / MCH 11 / MCH 13 / MCH 16 Compressor Service Kits MCH8-16
 MCH 26 / MCH 32 / MCH 36 Compressor Service Kits MCH-26-32-36
 225 Bar Coltri Compressor Pressure Relief Valve 6-05-015/2/225
 250 Bar Coltri Compressor Pressure Relief Valve 6-05-015/2/250
 275 Bar Coltri Compressor Pressure Relief Valve 6-05-015/2/275
 300 Bar Coltri Compressor Pressure Relief Valve 6-05-015/2/300
 330 Bar Coltri Compressor Pressure Relief Valve 6-05-015/2/330
 360 Bar Coltri Compressor Pressure Relief Valve 6-05-015/2/360
 445 Bar Coltri Compressor Pressure Relief Valve 6-05-015/2/445
 Compressor ConsumablesCompressor Consumables   
 Autostop SC000521
 Autodrain with Timer SC000522
 Air Care Test Kit CMAT.S0004
 HP Aerotest SIM CMAT.S0018
 Anderol 755 Compressor Oil OIL.S07
 MCH 6 Air Intake Filter SC000345
 MCH 6 Breathing Air Filter Cartridge SC000340
 MCH 8 - 16 Intake Filter SC000370
 MCH 8 - 16 Breathing Air Filter Cartridge SC000440
 MCH 36 Air Intake Filter 3601016
 MCH 36 Oil Filter 3606006
 MCH 36 Breathing Air Filter Cartridge 3607034
 Active Carbon SC000350
 Silica Gel Dessicant 100g Sachet STCE.S0488
 Molecular Sieve CMMS.S0001
 Christo-Lube O2 Grease (2oz tube) GB.S00003
 Coltri Personal Filters OP900930
 Gas AnalysersGas Analysers   
 Mini-O2 Portable Oxygen Analyser CMSOM.S004
 MD300 Diving Oxygen Monitor with Alarms CMSOMA.S23
 CO2000 Portable Gas Analyser Rechargable CMSOMC.S01
 Gas StorageGas Storage   
 20 Litre 300 Bar Storage Cylinder with 300 Bar Bullnose Valve JKCS.S0002
 50 Litre Air Storage Cylinder with 300 bar Bullnose Valve JKCVB.S002W
 16 Cylinder DNV Gas Quad JKCS.S0008
 HP and LP Bailout Hoses IN500
 Tescom Back Pressure Regulator 26-2912-282A
 Tescom 44-1300 Series Hand Loaded Reducing Regulator 44-1313
 High Flow Reducing Regulator ERHP.S0006
 GA600 HP Oxygen Regulator for Underwater Burning ERHP.S0001
 Poseidon Cyclon 5000 1st Stage 3720 Regulator JKEH.S1363
 Ocean C60 Bailout Regulator RE100105/B
 Surface Demand Diving Umbilicals - Diver Umbilicals EW.S002 (Diving Umbilicals)
 Karabiner with pin s/s screwgate EWCD.S0007
 50mm D Ring SS EW.S001
 Main Bell Umbilicals DMU005
Dive GearDive Gear    
 Dive BandmasksDive Bandmasks   
 Kirby Morgan 18B Band Masks 500025 (KMB 18B)
 Kirby Morgan 28B Band Mask 500028 (KMB 28B)
 Overseas Spares Kit for KMB 18/28 Band Mask 525-327
  Kirby Morgan Bandmask SparesKirby Morgan Bandmask Spares  
 Mask Spares Kit for KMB 18/28 Band Masks 525-319
 O-Ring Kit for KMB 18B and 28B Bandmask 525-303
 KMB 18/28 Soft Goods Overhaul Kit 525-358
 New Face Seal & Hood, and Bronze Band Screw 530-097
 Dive HelmetsDive Helmets   
 Kirby Morgan 37 Commercial Divers Helmet 500-050
 Kirby Morgan 77 Commercial Divers Helmet 500-090
 Kirby Morgan 37SS Stainless Steel Commercial Diving Helmet 500-100
 Kirby Morgan Superlite 17B Commercial Divers Helmet 500-010
 Kirby Morgan 47 Commercial Diving Helmet 500-070
 Kirby Morgan 57 Commercial Diving Helmet 500-080
 Kirby Morgan SuperLite 27 Commercial Diving Helmet 500-040
 Divex AH5 Freeflow Air Helmet 000293
 Kirby Morgan 97 Commercial Diving Helmet 500-700
 Divex Ultrajewel 601 Helium Reclaim Helmet Ultrajewel601
  Dive Helmet AccessoriesDive Helmet Accessories  
 Underwater Welding Lens Assembly 525-403
 Kirby Morgan Regulator Adjustable Tool Kit 525-620
 Thread Insert Testing Block Kit 525-115
 Kirby Morgan O Ring Kit for Dive Helmets KM27, KM37 and KM57 525-019
 Kirby Morgan One Way Valve Kit for all KM Dive Helmets 525-330
 Kirby Morgan Regulator Rebuilding Kit 525-309
 Kirby Morgan Hot Water Shroud Kit 525-100
 Kirby Morgan Side Block Rebuild Kit 525-311
 Kirby Morgan Weld Shield Assembly (Large) 525-400
 Manifold Block Rebuild Kit 325-095
 Overseas Helmet Spares Kit for SL 17K and KM 37 Helmets 525-349
 Kirby Morgan Divers Helmet Bag 500901
 De-Mister SMP000649
 Kirby Morgan Mens Watch WAT-KMPS-BLK
  Dive Helmet SparesDive Helmet Spares  
 Kirby Morgan Superlite 27 Soft Goods Overhaul Kit 525-365
 KMB 37 Soft Goods Overhaul Kit 525-363
 Superlite 17 A/B Soft Goods Overhaul Kit 525-360
 Overseas Helmet Spares Kit for Superlite 27 Helmets 525-341
 Kirby Morgan Helmet Spares Kit for Dive Helmet Superlite 27 Helmet 525-333
 Kirby Morgan Overseas Spares Kit for Dive Helmet 17B 525-325
 Kirby Morgan Helmet Spares Kit for Dive Helmet 17B 525-317
 Kirby Morgan O-ring Kit for Dive Helmet 17B 525-301
 Chin and Yoke Strap Kit 525-234
 SuperLite-27 Double Exhaust Kit 525-120
 SL 27 New Style Head Cushion (Upgrade Kit) 525-119
 Double Exhaust Kit 525-102
 Regulator Rebuild Kit for EXO BR Mask and KM 47 Helmet 325-310
 Valve Purge (Included in no 74) 810-025
 Stainless Steel Stepped Ring 560-542
 Stainless Steel Locking Collar 560-541
 Stainless Steel Side Block 560-540
 Dive Helmet 57 Handle with Plaque 560-535
 Main Exhaust Adapter Cover 560-530
 Diaphragm Retainer Ring 560-525
 Stainless Steel Helmet Shell 560-517
 REX77 Regulator Mount Pod 560-516
 Regulator Body REX 560-514
 Dive Helmet 37 Handle 560-194
 Dive Helmet 47 Handle with Plaque 560-186
 Weight - Top 560-125
 Locking Collar 560-111
 Handle 560-106
 Side Weight (Port) 560-081
 Stepped Ring 560-078
 Port Retainer 560-070
 Latch Catch Body 560-051
 Hinge 560-026
 Weight - Port Side 560-032
 Starboard Weight 17A/N- Brass 560-023
 Port Weight 17A/B- Brass 560-019
 Handle 17A/B 560-014
 Rear Weight- Brass 560-005
 Restrictor Adapter 555-210
 One-Way Valve 555-195
 Packing Nut 555-180
 Packing Nut 555-178
 Packing Gland 555-175
 KM77 Chromed Bent Tube 555-172
 Bent Tube w/O-Ring for KMB 47 555-168
 Chromed Bent Tube for KMB 47 555-167
 Bent Tube Assembly W/O-Rings 555-155
 Bent Tube Assembly 555-154
 Regulator Hose W/O-Rings 555-152
 Adapter - Brass - 1/4in 555-117
 Whisker Spacer 550-586
 Sleeve 550-574
 Sleeve 550-571
 Adapter 550-566
 Bonnet 550-568
 Adapter 550-564
 Adjustment Lock Nut REX 550-560
 Seat Assembly 550-553
 Bonnet 550-551
 Valve Stem 550-548
 Nipple Tube REX 550-542
 Bent Tube Adapter 550-533
 Packing Nut 550-526
 Adjustment Shaft 550-523
 Main Tube-Machined 550-517
 Black Chrome Regulator Mount Nut 550-372
 Water Dump Body 550-350
 Alignment Sleeve 550-339
 Plunger 550-257
 Pull Pin Knob 550-255
 Stud 550-178
 Emergency Valve Body 550-140
 Stem 550-138
 Spring Spacer 550-122
 Nose Block Guide 550-116
 Adjustment Nut 550-113
 LP Plug - W/O-Ring 550-095
 Plug (No O-ring) 550-094
 Packing Nut 550-091
 Regulator Mount Nut (18 Only) 550-081
 Exhaust Body (18 Only) 550-063
 Knob - Nose Block 550-062
 Spacer 550-061
 Piston 550-060
 Spacer 550-059
 Shaft 550-057
 Packing Nut 550-055
 Knob - Adjustment 550-053
 Spacer 550-052
 Jam Nut - (B) 550-050
 Inlet Nipple - (B) 550-048
 Inlet Nipple - (A) 550-046
 T-Washer 550-045
 Plug 550-043
 Cover Retainer Ring 550-042
 Nut 550-040
 Regulator Mount Nut 550-038
 Side Block - (B) 550-029
 Stud - Side Block 550-024
 Seat Assembly 550-023
 Valve Stem 550-022
 Bonnet 550-020
 Lock Nut 550-019
 Stainless Steel Regulator Body Assembly 545-570
 Chin Strap Assy 545-100
 Regulator Body Superflow 350 (18 Only) 545-080
 Nose Block Device 545-070
 Roller Lever Arm Assembly 545-038
 Snap Tab 545-027
 Inlet Valve 545-026
 Exhaust Cover (18 Only) 545-024
 Regulator Body 545-022
 Clamp 545-020
 Cover Assembly 545-018
 Air Train 545-016
 Nose Block Device 545-015
 Handle for Kirby Morgan Dive Helmet 77 540-569
 Port Retainer 540-563
 Stainless Steel Split Ring 540-546
 Lock Clip 540-531
 High Flow Lever Arm 540-545
 Rear Hinge Tab 540-157
 Strap Plate 540-115
 Split Ring - (2 Required) 540-105
 Packing Washer 540-095
 Swing Tongue Catch 540-086
 Cover Only Reg Metal 540-055
 Earphone Retainer 540-054
 Plate 540-015
 Retainer Ring 540-012
 Spring 535-910
 Retaining Clip 535-905
 Safety Pin (Pull Pin) 535-900
 Spring 535-825
 Spring - Purge Button 535-810
 Spring Pull Pin 535-808
 Spring Set 535-807
 Spring 535-804
 Spring 535-802
 Male Snap 530-702
 Washer 530-547
 Washer 530-546
 Washer 530-545
 Washer 530-540
 Washer 530-535
 Washer 530-530
 Spacer 530-527
 Washer 530-519
 Washer 530-525
 Washer 530-506
 Washer 530-505
 Washer 530-415
 Washer 530-406
 Lock Nut 530-320
 Hex Nut 530-308
 Nut 530-317
 Lock Nut 530-303
 Screw 530-220
 Lock Nut 530-145
 Screw 530-089
 Alignment Screw 530-090
 Screw 530-086
 Screw 530-083
 Screw 530-080
 Screw 530-078
 Screw 530-072
 Screw 530-070
 Screw 530-066
 Screw 530-064
 Screw 530-062
 Screw 530-059
 Screw 530-058
 Screw 530-052
 Screw 530-050
 Screw 530-045
 Screw 530-040
 Screw 530-037
 Screw 530-035
 17B Hinge Bolt Electropolished 530-034
 Screw 530-032
 Screw 530-031
 Screw 530-030
 Lock Nut 530-028
 Hinge Pin 530-027
 Screw 530-025
 Screw 530-022
 Screw 530-024
 Screw 530-021
 Screw 530-020
 Screw 530-019
 Screw 530-018
 Screw 530-015
 Nut Brass 530-009
 Brass Screw 530-008
 Rex Whisker Exhaust Kit 525-764
 Quad Valve Exhaust Kit 525-759
 Tri-Valve Exhaust Kit for SL-27 525-755
 Tri Valve Exhaust Kit 525-752
 Chin Strap Assembly Kit 525-716
 One Way Valve Kit 525-330
 Kirby Morgan Regulator Adjustable Tool Kit 525-620
 Diamond Weight Kit - Optional 525-225
 Sealed Pull Pin Retro Fit Kit for Superlite 27 525-210
 Swing Catch Retro Fit Kit (Pre 1994 Upgrade) 525-106
 Whisker Clamp Replacement Kit 525-032
 Chrome Exhaust Flange Kit 525-027
 Flex Knob Emergency valve 520-525
 Flex Knob Steady Flow 520-524
 Washer 520-523
 Washer 520-522
 Flex Knob 520-517
 Washer 520-167
 Whisker Exhaust Valve Insert 520-200
 Washer 520-165
 Neck Pad W/ No165 (2) 520-156
 Comm Module Drilled For WP Conn/Male 520-132
 Comm Module Drilled For Posts 520-130
 Face Port KMB 28 520-128
 Clamp Tri/Quad Valve Whisker 520-118
 Yoke Urethane SL 17 520-117
 Ferrule Set 520-113
 Neck Pad W/No168 (2) 520-098
 Shell Fiberglass SL 17 A/B 520-065
 Visor 520-054
 Tie Wrap 520-042
 Tie Wrap 520-038
 O-Ring - Teflon 520-033
 Washer 520-032
 Washer 520-031
 Washer 520-030
 Packing 520-024
 Bearing Clip 520-023
 Exhaust Valve Insert 520-022
 Valve Body 520-020
 Purge Button 520-017
 Earphone Protector 520-015
 Face Port 520-004
 Terminal Block Kit 515-061
 Wiring Harness 515-055
 Single Wire Terminal 515-049
 4 Pin Waterproof Connector - Male 515-045
 Communications Post 515-035
 Communication Set Assembly Kit (Separate Mic and Earphones) 515-033
 Communications Set 515-030
 Microphone 515-029
 Comm Assembly w/MWP 515-024
 Comm Assembly w/Posts 515-023
 Earphone Left 515-019
 Earphone Right 515-018
 Microphone 515-009
 Earphone - Left 515-006
 Earphone - Right 515-005
 Grip Handle 510-795
 Port Whisker Wing 510-787
 Starboard Whisker Wing 510-786
 Port Whisker REX 510-785
 Starboard Whisker REX 510-784
 Whisker Main Body REX 510-783
 Spacer for KMB 37 and 57 510-781
 Exhaust Valve 510-776
 Spacer SL27 510-768
 Port Whisker 510-767
 Starboard Whisker 510-766
 Air Train Gasket KMB (18 Only) 510-762
 Tri-Valve Exhaust Main Body 510-761
 Quad Valve Exhaust Main Body 510-760
 Tri Valve Exhaust Main Body for SuperLite 27 510-759
 Oral Nasal Mask with Improved Face Sealing Flap for KMB Dive Helmets 510-747
 Oral Nasal for the Kirby Morgan 47 510-743
 Valve Waterdump 47 510-741
 Neoprene Neck Dam- XLarge 510-688
 Chin Cushion 510-683
 Head Cushion 510-682
 Replacement Foam Kit 510-672
 Head Cushion Bag 510-654
 Chin Cushion Bag 510-639
 Latex Neck Dam- Small/Medium 510-631
 Rubber Cover 510-630
 Neoprene Neck Dam - Large 510-629
 Neoprene Neck Dam- Medium 510-628
 Neoprene Neck Dam- Small 510-627
 Valve Seat 510-580
 Nose Block Pad 510-575
 Latex Small Oral Nasal for SL-27 510-569
 Main Exhaust Valve 510-561
 Water Dump Valve 510-557
 Rubber Whisker for Pre 2004 Superlite 17A/B Helmets 510-554
 Diaphragm 510-553
 Exhaust Valve 510-552
 Valve - Oral Nasal 510-550
 Earphone Cover Set 510-542
 Size Small thru Large - Trim to Fit 510-533
 Replacement Foam Set (for 510-521 17A/B) 510-523
 Head Cushion for SuperLite 17A/B Helmet 510-521
 Neoprene Neck Dam - Medium - 27 510-504
 Latex Neck Dam - Medium Large - 27 510-500
 O-Ring 510-490
 O-Ring 510-483
 O-Ring 510-481
 O-Ring 510-450
 O-Ring - 17A/B Bottom 510-446
 Gasket 510-401
 O-Ring View Port 510-260
 O-Ring 510-211
 O-Ring 510-029
 O-Ring 510-033
 O-Ring 510-019
 O-Ring 510-017
 O-Ring 510-015
 O-Ring 510-014
 O-Ring 510-014
 O-Ring 510-013
 O-Ring 510-012
 O-Ring 510-011
 O-Ring 510-010
 O-Ring 510-008
 O-Ring 510-007
 Cover Rex 510-006
 Handle Assembly for the KM37SS 505-765
 Locking Collar Assembly 505-755
 Airtrain Assembly 505-753
 Rex 77 Chin Strap Assembly with Snaps 505-748
 Neck Ring Assembly for Kirby Morgan 77- Medium 505-746
 Earphone Retainer Assembly 505-742
 Snap Tab Assembly 505-740
 Rex 77 Port Retainer Assembly 505-738
 Rex 77 Side Block Assembly 505-732
 Water Purge Deflector Complete 505-726
 Flex Knob Assembly 505-562
 Stainless Steel Regulator Assy 505-560
 Regulator Assembly Rex 505-278
 KM 47 Shell w/Helmet Ring 505-162
 Pull Strap Assembly w/D-ring 505-142
 Strap Guide SL 17 A/B 505-138
 Yoke Strap SL 17 A/B 505-134
 Chin Strap SL 17 A/B 505-130
 Neck Ring Assy Large (Neop) 505-120
 Neck Ring Assy Medium (Neop) 505-119
 Neck Ring Assy Small to Medium (Neop) 505-118
 Sealed Pull Pin 505-110
 Helmet - Fiberglass W/Ring 505-107
 Helmet - Fiberglass W/ Ring 505-105
 Neck Ring Assy Complete 505-100
 Neck Ring Assy Complete (Latex) Opt 505-095
 Emergency Valve Assembly 505-070
 Demand Reg AAssy18 (B) - 28 (1in) 505-069
 One-Way Valve Assembly 505-060
 Neck Clamp Assembly 505-055
 Water Proof Connector Assembly 505-047
 Adjustment Knob Assembly 505-028
 Regulator Assembly B 505-027
 Regulator Assembly A 505-026
 Side Block Assembly B w/O-Rings 505-024
 Latch Catch Assembly 505-010
 Neck Clamp/Yoke Assembly 505-008
 No 10 Flat Washer 430-134
 Flat Washer 430-075
 Spacer Delrin (Short) 350-065
 LP Plug 350-062
 EXO-BR Adjustment Shaft 350-052
 Sleeve 350-035
 BR Main Tube 350-032
 Packing Nut 350-025
 Horseshoe 340-004
 Lock Washer 330-405
 Washer 330-035
 Screw 330-030
 Reg Mount Washer 320-040
 Adjustment Knob 320-035
 Washer 320-030
 Comm Mount Nut 320-026
 Communications Post 315-020
 Seat Inlet Valve 310-070
 Exhaust Valve 310-065
 O-Ring 310-013
 O-Ring 310-007
 O-Ring 310-006
 O-Ring 310-003
 Bail Out First Stage 305-161
 EXO-BR REX Inlet Valve Assembly 305-057
 BR Adjustment Knob Assembly 305-045
 Balance Spacer 220-030
 Inlet Valve 220-050
 Spring 235-015
 Adjustment Nipple 250-060
 Seat 210-045
 O-Ring 210-050
 Balance O-Ring 210-055
 Diaphragm Assy 205-010
 Inlet Valve Assy 205-015
 Cover 210-043
  Training CoursesTraining Courses  
 Kirby Morgan Basic Helmet Maintenance and Repair Course XCA.S00029 (KMDSI)
 Diving And Rescue SuitsDiving And Rescue Suits   
 Hot Crabber Diver Gloves JAECC.S067 Hot Crabber Gloves
 DUI Hot Water Suit DUIHWS
 Divers Tool Bag for Commercial Diving Tools LF.S000076
 Northern Diver Origin Commercial Dry Suit SMP003092
 THOR Commercial Rubber Suits JADAR.S001
 Viking Commercial Rubber Dry Suits JADAR
 Northern Diver Hot Water Suit JAHA.S0001
 Viking Hotwater Suits VHWS
 Diving Neoprene Gloves 3mm and 5mm GL
 Diver Work Boots Commercial Over Boot JAZA.S0004
 2kg Plastic Coated Weights JKWD.S0062
 Divex Diver Bell Survival Kit CRTSB.S0001
 Intrepid SOLAS 2010 Immersion Suits Intrepid
 Challenger Solas 2010 Lifejackets Challenger
 Spiromatic 90U Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus DOBA.S0037
 Diving Books And ManualsDiving Books And Manuals   
 DCIEM Manual XD.S0017
 Professional Divers Handbook XD.S0020
 The Divers Handbook XD.S0016
 US Navy Divers Handbook XD.S0015
 Full Face MasksFull Face Masks   
 OTS Guardian Full Face Mask OTS Guardian Full Face Mask
 Kirby Morgan M-48 MOD-1 Mask 805-175
 AGA Interspiro Divator MK II Face Mask 96319-01 (AGA Interspiro)
 OTS Ambient Breathing Valve EXAA.S0123
 Kirby Morgan Exo Manifold Block
 OTS Full Face Mask Bag 134153-001
 Kirby Morgan M-48 SuperMask - Black Lens Sides 805-010
 Kirby Morgan M-48 SuperMask - Clear Lens Sides 805-010C
 Interspiro Divator MKII AGA Accessory Rail with Universal Slide DOBA.S0039 DOBA.S0041
  Kirby Morgan Exo Face Mask SparesKirby Morgan Exo Face Mask Spares  
 Exo-26 Full Face Mask Face Cushion Kit 325-025
 Mask Spares Kit for EXO-26 325-307
 Regulator Rebuild Kit for EXO-26 Face Mask 325-305
 Harnesses And BackpacksHarnesses And Backpacks   
 SMP Recovery Vest MK6 JKLQ.S0028
 Standard Divers Yellow Tool Harness JKLQ.S0005
 Northern Diver Guardian GTEK BCD GTEK-BCD
 Divers Tool Bag for Commercial Diving Tools LF.S000076
 Medical KitsMedical Kits   
 Oxygen Resus Kit with Cylinder / Soft Case DPRS.S0031
 Medical Kit DMAC 15 Revision 4 (as per IMCA Specification) MEDICA000
 SLIX Spinal Splint SLIXSS
 SLIX Rapid Response SLIXRR
 Block and Tackle Recovery JKLQ.S0030
Dive Systems ContainersDive Systems Containers    
 DDC / Dive Control ContainersDDC / Dive Control Containers   
 Containerised 1500mm (60 inch) DDC with Dive Control 2101-101-B
 Containerised 1800mm (72 inch) DDC with Remote Control Panel cw Gas Storage 2107-101
 Containerised 1500mm (60 inch) DDC with Dive Control 2108-20
 Containerised 1800mm (72 inch) DDC with Remote Control Panel 2103-101
 Containerised 1500mm (60 inch) DDC with HP Compressor and Gas Storage CONTDDC15-GS-HP
 Containerised 1500mm (60 inch) DDC with Gas Storage and Workbench CONTDDC15-GS
 Dive Control ContainersDive Control Containers   
 20ft Containerised Dive Control and Meeting Room 2201-001
 20ft Containerised Dive Control and Workshop 2202
 10ft Containerised Dive Control with 3 Diver IMCA Offshore Panel 9712-101
 10ft Containerised Dive Control with Gas Storage 2202-101
 10ft Containerised Dive Control with Gas Storage 2203-101
 10ft Containerised Dive Control with Gas Storage 2205-101
 Machinery ContainersMachinery Containers   
 20ft Machinery Container SMP MACH
 10ft DNV Nitrox Machinery Container NITROX-10FTDNV
 20ft DNV Nitrox Machinery Container CONTMACH-01
 10ft DNV Container with 2 HP Compressors & Umbilical Storage CONTMACH-03
 10ft DNV HP/LP Machinery Container 2307-101
 10ft ISO Machinery Container with HP / LP compressors and gas storage CONTMACH-04
 10ft HP / LP Machinery Container with Vertical Air Receiver and Gas Storage Quad 2300-101
 20ft DNV Machinery Container 2306-101
 20ft Machinery Container and Workshop 2301-101
 Containerised Life Support Package (LSP) CPAB.S001
Diver Control PanelsDiver Control Panels    
 Air Diver Control PanelsAir Diver Control Panels   
 IMCA D040 2 Diver HP Panel in Pelicase PANELDIVER-05
 IMCA D023 Diver Wall Mount HP-LP Panel in Aluminium Case PANELDIVER
 2 Diver HP/LP Control Panel in a Pelicase DDAA.S0003
 ADC / HSE Deluxe Diver HP/LP Surface Mount Control Panel cw Analysis DDAC.S0009
 Diver HP/LP Surface Mount Control Panel DDAC.S0001
 1 Diver HP/LP Control Panel In A Pelican Case DDAB.S0001
 2 Diver LP Surface Supply Panel in Pelican Case DDBA.S0005
 IMCA D023 Diver Wall Mount HP-LP Panel in Aluminium Case with LP Alarms PANELDIVER
 2 Diver HP/LP Panel with Radio in Pelicase DDAA.S0015
 2 Diver HP/LP Lightweight Compact Panel in Pelicase DDAA.S0014
 2 Diver HP/LP Panel in Pelicase PANELDIVER-08
 Mixed Gas Diver Control PanelsMixed Gas Diver Control Panels   
 Wall Mounted Mixed Gas Panel DDBB.S0001
 DDC Remote Control Panel PANELDDC18-01
 Nitrox Diver Control PanelsNitrox Diver Control Panels   
 2 Diver Wall Mount HP/LP Nitrox Diver Control Panel SMP005864
Diving Launch And Recovery SystemsDiving Launch And Recovery Systems    
 Wet Bell LARS and HPU LAR-WB-3
 SMP Twin Basket Diver Launch And Recovery System (LARS) LARS-DB-01
 SMP Single Basket LARS with Inbuilt Power Packs LARS-SB-3
 Wet Bell LARS With Control Cabin and Mixed Gas Panel SMP000-742
 Work Basket Launch and Recovery System LARS0010
 Camera SystemsCamera Systems   
  C-Tecnics SystemsC-Tecnics Systems  
 C-Tecnics C Vision Underwater diving Camera (CT3008 ) CT3008
 C-Tecnics Mini Underwater Camera (CT3012) CT3012
 C-Tecnics Two Diver Video & Diver Communications System Console C Vision
 C-Vision Solo - C-Tecnics Portable one diver video system CAMPOR0006
 CT4006 Mini LED Light. CT4006
 C-Tecnics CT4004 High Power Underwater Light SMP003630
 Camera and Light Cable STCC.S0063
  Diving Helmet BracketsDiving Helmet Brackets  
 Superlite Helmet Bracket For Cameras or Lights HM-300
 Tee handle helmet bracket for all cameras and lights DHM-60
 Hat Bracket (suits Kirby Morgan 37 Diving Helmet Handle) DHXA.S0714
 Helmet Bracket for use with CT3008 Inspection Camera and CT4003 LED Lamp SMP003128
  Outland TechnologyOutland Technology  
 Outland Technology Video Console for Camera and Light LED CON-3200/E
 Outland Technology UWL-401 LED Light UWL-401
 Outland Technology Low Light Color Camera UWC-325/P/E
 Camera and Light Cable STCC.S0063
 Right Angle Amphenol Connector MS3108B-18-08P
 Umbilical Female Connectors and Locking Sleeves EZ.S000107
 UWS-3310 Complete Portable Video System UWS-3310
 Outland Stand Alone Power Supply CU-1250 CU-1250
 Tee handle helmet bracket for all cameras and lights DHM-60
 Hat Bracket (suits Kirby Morgan 37 Diving Helmet Handle) DHXA.S0714
  Hardwire Diver CommunicationsHardwire Diver Communications  
 SMP 2 Diver Radio EXRT.S0007
 MK2-DCI Air Intercom EXRT.S0025
 Amron International Amcom III 3-Diver Portable Communicators 2830A/24
 Amron International One Diver - Amcom 1 Series - Air EXRH.S0007
 Amron International Amcom II 2-Diver Standard Portable Communicators EXRT.S0029
 Hyperbaric Chamber Communications Radio CRXH.S0015
 SMP Comms and Safety Line on Slip Ring Reel EXBX.S0001
 SMP Comms Rope Sold Per Metre EXBX.S0009
 Aga Diver Comms Module c/w microphone EXRU.S0019
 Marsh Marine Connectors EZ.S000003
 Aquacom ® ComBox 1 Diver (Diver Intercom) EXRH.S0006
 Amron International DSP2 Helium Unscrambler - Rack Mount EXAU.S0001
 Amron International Helium Speech Unscrambler - Portable EXMI.S0009
 Headset for SMP 2 Diver Radio EXBA.S008
 Amron Headset with dual Banana Plugs EXRU.S0025
 C-Tecnics Two Diver Video & Diver Communications System Console C Vision
 Hard Anodised SubConn Underwater Connectors EZ.S000065 (underwater)
  Wireless Diver CommunicationsWireless Diver Communications  
 OTS DRS-100B Diver Recall Hydrophone EXAA.S0039
 OTS SSB-2010 Diver Transceiver EXAA.S0001
 OTS Aquacom® STX-101 Transceiver EXAA.S0004
 OTS Buddy Phone System EXAA.S0036
 SP-100 Surface Buddy Phone® EXAA.S0077
 ME16R Microphone element (hot mic) 150 ohm EXAA.S0044
 OTS CDK-6 Surface Accessory Kit EXAA.S0007
 OTS Earphone/Microphone Assembly EXAA.S0005
 Aquacom Bell 200 Backup System 25kHz transducer EXAA.S0079
 OTS Guardian Full Face Mask OTS Guardian Full Face Mask
 Dive LightsDive Lights   
 BIRNS Aquila™ Underwater Multi-Use Low-Voltage Light 5748
 BIRNS Snooper™ Rugged Deep-Sea Underwater Light ULBIR.S050
 BIRNS SNOOPERETTE (5672) General-Purpose Underwater Light UL.S000106
 Birns Snooperette LED General Purpose Underwater Light UL.S000106
 Birns Sirius Wet/Dry Underwater Floodlight ULBIR.S054
 BIRNS Aquila-N Underwater Low-Voltage Camera Light ULBIR.S107
 BIRNS 5651 XT120-N Powerful, Versatile Underwater Camera Light XT120
 BIRNS TubeLight ULBIR.S047
 Birns Refuelling Light 5723
 BIRNS XT120 Powerful, Versatile Underwater Light ULBIR.S084
 Umbilical ConnectorsUmbilical Connectors   
 Double Banana Plug EXBE.S0009
 Cortland Fibron Swageable Hose Ends EWCF.S0003
 Scotchcast 2130 Size B 216gm CARI.S0002
 Onsite Termination Mould Blocks Mould-Block
 Waterproof ConnectorsWaterproof Connectors   
 Marsh Marine Connectors EZ.S000010
 Hard Anodised SubConn Underwater Connectors EZ.S000065 (underwater)
Hyperbaric EquipmentHyperbaric Equipment    
 Hyperbaric Chamber AccessoriesHyperbaric Chamber Accessories   
 Hyperbaric Fire Extinguisher CRXC.S0012
 Tego 2001 disinfectant 20 Ltrs MISCC.S005
 LED Hyper Lite Hyperbaric Chamber Light 12 to 36V DC Natural White CRXD.S0029 (chamber light)
 Comex-Pro Lung Powered Scrubber CRTSS.S020
 Biox Oxygen (O2) Cleaning Fluid 25 Litre Drum OXCF.S0002
 Hyper Flow Co2 Scrubber (hyperbaric chamber CO2 scrubbers) CRTS.S0001 (CO2 scrubbers)
 Hyperbaric chamber mattresses made to order MATTR
 SMP Hyperbaric Conditioning Unit DDCACC0013
 Scott Pressur-Vak II BIBS CRXB.S0003
 Scott 801238 Series Oxygen BIBS Mask System CRXB.S0006
 Complete O2 Hood Assembly with Latex Neck Seal CRAHA.S001
 Sound Powered Phone with Handset Cradle CRXK.S0003
 Carbon Dioxide Absorbtion Sofnolime CRXJ.S0005
 SMP Chamber Radio CRXH.S0015
 Bull Horn Speaker CRXH.S0008
 Amron Hyperbaric BIBS Masks Amron-BIBS
 Silec Sound Powered Telephone silec001
 16 Cylinder DNV Gas Quad JKCS.S0008
 Mini-O2 Portable Oxygen Analyser CMSOM.S004
 MD300 Diving Oxygen Monitor with Alarms CMSOMA.S23
 CO2000 Portable Gas Analyser Rechargable CMSOMC.S01
 Hyperbaric ChambersHyperbaric Chambers   
  Diver Decompression ChambersDiver Decompression Chambers  
 SMP Twinlock Hyperbaric Chamber - Diver Decompression Chambers DDC15-01
 SMP Shortened 60inch Diver Decompression Chamber DDC15-02
 Standard 72inch Hyperbaric Chamber (1800mm) Diameter DDC18-01
  Hyperbaric Oxygen ChambersHyperbaric Oxygen Chambers  
 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chambers (HBOT Chambers) HBOT Chamberts
 HBOTECH Multi-Person Hyperbaric Chamber Single Compartment HBOTech
Hyperbaric Reception FacilitiesHyperbaric Reception Facilities    
 18-22 Man Hyperbaric Reception Facility (HRF) Hyperbaric Reception Facility
Mobile / Portable SystemsMobile / Portable Systems    
 Kirby Morgan 2-Diver Commercial / Rescue Diver Air Control System 5 400045
 Scuba Replacement Package (SRP) SRP0002
 Inshore Scuba Replacement Package with 2 Diver HP/LP Panel SRP0004
 2 Diver HP/LP Control Panel in a Pelicase DDAA.S0003
Saturation Diving Systems and EquipmentSaturation Diving Systems and Equipment    
 Hyperbaric Life Support Package (LSP) LSP
 Saturation Diving Systems manufactured by SMP SAT1
 Charging Adapters And Check GaugesCharging Adapters And Check Gauges   
 DIN 232 with Bleed Block Connection is G 1/4 1086D
 Draeger to DIN 232 Female 1075
 Din 300 with Bleed Block 1086 DHP
 International Charging Adapter to G 1/4 + Bleed 1086
 International to DIN 232 Adapter 1080
 Female DIN Adapter 1080 B
 Female Bullnose Adapter 1080 BN
 Din to Din adapter 1088
 Bullnose T Adapters 1220
 Female Bullnose to DIN 232 Male 1080BN-1082
 International Block x G 1/4 1081-1
 Female Bullnose to Din 300 Male Adapter 1080BN-1082
 Din 300 Male Connection to G 1/4 Male x 60 Cone 1082HP
 Cylinders Regulators And GaugesCylinders Regulators And Gauges   
 232 BAR Steel Bailout Cylinders with convertable valves JKCG.S0001
 300 BAR Steel Bailout Cylinders with convertable valves JKCA.S0011
 Poseidon Cyclon 5000 1st Stage 3720 Regulator JKEH.S1363
 HP Swivel For Bailout HP Contents Whip IN500082
 DIN to International A Clamp Adapter RE100350
 Ocean C60 Bailout Regulator RE100105/B
 HP Contents Gauge and Hose For Bailout 0 to 350 Bar IN500106 N
 Twin Lock Pony Bracket System SMP002282
 Apeks DS4 1st Stage Regulator JKEH.S1383
 Diver WatchesDiver Watches   
 Kirby Morgan Mens Watch WAT-KMPS-BLK
 Kirby Morgan Stainless Steel Mens Watch WAT-KMPS-SST
 Kirby Morgan 1000m Stainless Steel Watch WAT-KM37-SST
 Fins And TorchesFins And Torches   
 Jet Fins Rubber JKHA.S0099
 Super Sabre Light Torch JKTB.S0032
 Tron ML-100 High Intensity LED Strobe Light JKST.S0012
 Tron AQ-4 MK II Multi Purpose Strobe Lights JKST.S0011
 Boats And InflatablesBoats And Inflatables   
 Cutting And Welding EquipmentCutting And Welding Equipment   
 Barracuda Gold Underwater Wet Welding Electrodes TVRB.S0007
 SMP Prothermic Underwater Cutting Rods TVSMP.S001
 BR-20 Welding Stinger TVPA.S0035
 Broco BR-22 Cutting Torch TVPA.S0068
 Broco 3/8 Collets and Washers TVPA.S0032
 Hammerhead Underwater Welding Electrode TVS000014
 Piranha (1) Weld Monitor/Control & Safety Switch TVBKF.S0004
 Piranha Junior TVBKF.S005
 SMP Underwater Electrode Holder TVBKF.S007
 GA600 HP Oxygen Regulator for Underwater Burning ERHP.S0001
 400 Amp Circuit Breaker TVBKF.S017
 Underwater Cutting and Welding Rig TV
 Broco BR-22 Plus Cutting Torch - Next Generation TVPA.S0070
 Broco QuiverPak TVPA.S0071
 Real-colour Auto-Darkening Welding Filter / Lens realcolour34
 The Weld Gauge STCA.S0466
 Diver Hot Water MachinesDiver Hot Water Machines   
 Three Diver Hot Water Machine with Twin Pumps OF6000+
 Single Diver Hot Water Machine OF2000
 Two Diver Hot Water Machine OF4000
 Three Diver Hot Water Machine OF6000
 Two Diver Hot Water Machine with Twin Pumps OF4000+
 Hull Cleaning EquipmentHull Cleaning Equipment   
 Containerised Hull Cleaning System hull-cleaning-system
 MC 111 TUWA.S0009
 MC 131 TUWA.S0010
 MC 212 TUWA.S0011
 Hydraulic Power Unit (PP018) PP018
 Rilsan brush head for grass, slime and small barnacles RILSAN
 Rilsan scraper hull cleaning brush removing barnacles RILSAN-SCRAPER
 Polyprop hull cleaning brush for very fragile surfaces Polyprop
 Steel wire brush head for removing hard, dense fouling STEEL-WIRE
 Steel Grass hull cleaning brush head for removing thick dense grass STEEL-GRASS
 Steel Scraper brush head for very severe dense fouling STEEL-SCRAPER
 Standard Scraper brush head for extremely hard dense fouling STANDARD-SCRAPER
 Hydraulic Hose (50metre umbilical) HYD-HOSE
 Hydraulic Hose ReelsHydraulic Hose Reels   
 Hydraulic Hose Reel HHR100 /200 /300
 Hydraulic Power UnitsHydraulic Power Units   
 Stanley HP8 Hydraulic Power Unit HP8BA
 DP56 0-56lpm Diesel Power Pack HTPPE.S001
 EP56 Hydraulic Power Pack THPPE.S005
 Electric Powered Hydraulic Power Pack THPPE.S001
 VHP503 20-40lpm 3PH Power Pack VHP503
 DP30 Hydraulic Power Pack DP30
 SMP Twin 22 Kilowatt Hydraulic Power Pack SMP008636
 Mini Pamper Hull Cleaning Vehicle Power Pack - WD80 UMC.S99010
 LD50 Hydraulic Wheelbarrow Power Pack UMC.S99008
 Hydraulic ToolsHydraulic Tools   
 Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Medium to Heavy Breaker BR67 BR67320
 Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Cut-Off Saw CO23 CO23341
 Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Drill DL07 DL07652
 Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Hammer Drill HD45 HD45310
 Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Impact Wrench IW16 IW1635001
 Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Impact Wrench IW24 IW24360
 Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Chipping Hammer CH15 CH1533101
 Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Chipping Hammer CH18 CH18311
 Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Chainsaws CS06 CS06920
 Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Chainsaws CS11 CS113NO
 Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Grinder GR29 GR2930101
 Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Light To Medium Duty Breaker BR45 BR45350
 Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Sinker Drill SK58 SK58310
 Seal Kit for Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Impact Wrench IW12 13695
 Stanley DS11 Hydraulic Underwater Diamond Chainsaw DS115000
 Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Impact Drill/Wrench ID07 ID07920
 Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Impact Wrench IW12 IW1234001
 Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Heavy Duty Breaker BR87 BR87320
 Stanley Seal Kit for Hydraulic Underwater Breaker BR45 04595
 Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Chainsaw CS11 Seal Kit 10569
 Stanley Seal Kit for Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Impact Drill ID07 60791
 Hydraulic HD25 Hammer Drill THHA.S0004
 Spitznas Pneumatic Angle Grinder Type 1 4311 0050
 Spitznas Pneumatic Axial Die Grinder Type 1 5077 0010
 Spitznas Pneumatic Impact Wrench Type 6 1316 0070
 Spitznas Pneumatic Underwater Drill Type 2 1267 0010
 Spitznas Pneumatic Impact Drill Type 2 1266 0010
 Spitznas Pneumatic Rotary Hammer Drill Type 2 2404 0040
 Spitznas Underwater Hydraulic Reciprocating Saw Type 5 1220 0010
 Spitznas Underwater Hydraulic Sabre Saw 1219 0010
 Stanley Hydraulic Peanut Grinder PG04 PG04
 Stanley Hydraulic Core Drill CD07 CD07
 Spitznas Hydraulic Peanut Grinder - Type 1 5080 0020 1.5080.0020
 Magnum 24 Hydraulic Hand Held Core Drill THIA.S0010
 Hopkins GR05 Underwater Grinder GR05UW
 Hydraulic WinchesHydraulic Winches   
 Hydraulic Manriding Winches SMP000901
 Green River Knife 17 cm with Sheath Carabiner and Line JKKA.S0054
 Shark 18cm Diving Knife and Sheath OP900289
 Aquatis Diving 9cm Knife OP900332
 Diving Knife Sheath JKKA.S0061
 Green River Knife (17cm) not including sheath JKKA.S0055
 Harness Sheath Lanyard & Carabiner JKKA.S0062
 Shark 9cm Diving Knife and Sheath OP900315
 Lifting BagsLifting Bags   
 Subsalve USA Commercial Lift Bag LF.S000039
 Subsalve USA Professional Lift Bag LF.S000042
 Subsalve USA Enclosed Flotation Commercial Lift Bag LF.S000050
 Subsalve USA Salvage Pontoon Lift Bag LF.S000056
 Subsalve Professional Enclosed Lift Bags PFE
 Enclosed Shallow Water Flotation Bags EFB
  SUBSALVE Salvage Pontoons – Vertical SPV
 Subsalve Mark V Orca Lift Bag System MVO
 Subsalve Rapid Recovery System RRS
 SUBSALVE Cable & Pipeline Floats SFB
 SUBSALVE Propeller Bags PB
 SUBSALVE Bomb Recovery System
 SUBSALVE Water Load Test Bag
 SUBSALVE Lifeboat Davit Test Bags and Kit subsalve-ldt
 SUBSALVE Fend-Air Inflatable Marine Fenders
 SUBSALVE Aircraft Lift Bag ACLB
 SUBSALVE Pipe Pluggers PP
 Magnetic ToolsMagnetic Tools   
 Bear Paw Magnets DM.S000001
 Metal DetectorsMetal Detectors   
 Metal Detector Kit Standard 38cm (15”) DQPM.S0022
 Metal Detector Kit Standard 20cm (8”) kit AQ.1.020
 Metal Detector Kit Standard 25cm (10”) kit AQ.1.030
 DX200 - Underwater Magnetometer AQ.1.040
 Bonephone AQ.4.061
 Land Headphones AQ.4.030
 Underwater Headphones AQ.4.031
 NDT EquipmentNDT Equipment   
 The Weld Gauge STCA.S0466
 Bathycorrometer NDTBC.S001
 Cygnus Instruments Cygnus 1 Underwater Digital Thickness Gauge CYG-001-7130
 ASAMS System 12 Underwater Magnetic Particle Inspection System SMP000960
 SMP Chain Inclinometer SMP-inclinometer
 ASAMS SYSTEM 3 Magnetic Particle Inspection System SMP000710
 Cygnus Dive Multiple Echo Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Cygnus-Dive
 SCUMPI System - Self Contained Underwater MPI SCUMPI
 SM20 Sump Pump SM20
 SM21 Sump Pump SM21
 SM50 Sump Pump SM50
 TP03 Trash Pump TP03
 TP08 Trash Pump TP08
 Remote Operated VehiclesRemote Operated Vehicles   
 ROV 1000 Model SMP000705 (ROV)
 Seatronics Predator ROV System Predator-ROV
 Testing EquipmentTesting Equipment   
 Druck Tester DPI 705 Series DGAUA.S002
 Air Operated Hydrostatic Test Unit - AZ-1-70. HPU-AZ-1-70H-N-L1/M
 Water Current MetersWater Current Meters   
 Valeport Model 106 Valeport106
 Water JettingWater Jetting   
 Caviblaster 1222 1222-
 Caviblaster 1620 1620
 CaviBlaster 2040 2040
 CaviDome For model 1222 CaviDome 1222
Hyperbaric Chambers     
Breathing Air Compressors     
Saturation Diving Systems     
 Saturation Diving Systems manufactured by SMP SAT1
Second Hand Diving Equipment     
Air ChambersAir Chambers    
 Tunneling chamber 1300 SH104878
Bell Handling SystemsBell Handling Systems    
 Gantry Bell Handling System SH104858
Divers Gas Reclaim SystemsDivers Gas Reclaim Systems    
 Divex Rigmaster Divers Recovery System SH104850
Diving BellsDiving Bells    
 Draegar 2 Man Saturation Diving Bell SH104374
 2 Man Dolfyn Wet Bell SH104874
 3 Man Diving Bell (SDC) 300mtr 4.7m3 SH104845
 3 Man Diving Bell (SDC) 450 mtr 5.1m3 SH104846
Equipment LocksEquipment Locks    
 Aqualogisitics Equipment Lock SH104854
Gas Distribution PanelsGas Distribution Panels    
 Gas distribution and Decant Panel SH104864
Hot Water SystemsHot Water Systems    
 Kinergetics Hot Water Machine Model WHE02 SH104818
 Electric Divers Hot Water Machine SH104819
 Kinergetics Electric Hot Water Machine SH104851
Hyperbaric ChambersHyperbaric Chambers    
LP CompressorsLP Compressors    
 Quincy 5120 Electric Compressor SH104865
Saturation Control RoomsSaturation Control Rooms    
 Saturation and Dive Control Room SH104852
Saturation Decompression ChambersSaturation Decompression Chambers    
 Vidor single lock saturation diving chamber SH104754
 TwinLock Decompression Chamber (6 Man) Main Lock and TUP Entry Lock SH104840
 Twin Lock Decompression Chamber (6 Man) Main Lock and TUP Entry Lock SH104841
 Single Lock Living Chamber (3-4 Man) – New and Unused SH104842
 Single Lock Living Chamber (3-4 Man) – 45 Bar SH104843
 Vertical Single Lock TUP Chamber SH104844
Spools, Adapters and Mating ClampsSpools, Adapters and Mating Clamps    
 Bell Mating Clamp with Hydraulic Drive SH104840
Sub Rescue SystemsSub Rescue Systems    
 22 Man Recompression Facility - Submarine Rescue System SH104682
Umbilical Power SheavesUmbilical Power Sheaves    
 Main Bell Umbilical Power Sheave SH104709
Commercial Diving Helmets     
Submarine Rescue Systems     
 22 Man Recompression Facility - Submarine Rescue System SH104682
Submarine Ventilation System     
Boats And Inflatables     
Hyperbaric Reception Facilities     
TUP - Transfer Under Pressure     
 Transfer Under Pressure TUP Diving System TUP-000
Hyperbaric Tunnelling Chambers     
Submarine Rescue Systems